Chapter 2

Translated by: Rancerqz

Edited by: Chanyah & SaberChan

TLC by: Finetxyz

Chapter 2 – King of Children

Now, I am six years old. I have already passed the early stage of Bigu realm. It would seem that I have returned back to my infant state , playing and communicating with the children around me.

If a child was to have the ideology of an adult, it would undoubtedly be painful. I have had to suffer this pain for many years. Perhaps, it was maybe due to my own ego or through the passage of time that I allowed myself to assume the identity of a child and begin thinking from a child’s point of view. As I continue to live through this life, my attitude had become of a child- carefree.

Hey, looking at the time why had little Xing not yet come today?

“Brother Feng, Brother Feng, Sister Xiang Yu is already waiting for you outside. Let’s go quickly!” The guy with big eyes, curved eyebrows and flushed face called out as he continued to run.

“Okay, let’s get going.”

The both of us jumped down from the stone lions in front of the gates with a somersault before landing on the ground lightly. I found myself enjoying the feeling of a child more and more, together with the childishness. In fact, sometimes it is good for a person to be childish from time to time.

“Brother Feng, Brother Feng, I’m here. Come over here quickly.” Comparing me to this little girl who is of a smaller body frame. With a pair of sheep-horned braids and her purple cotton jacket, her big eyes blinked widely and her entire face was red. At this moment, she was actually jumping up and down waving at me.

“Xiang Yu , where are you ready to go there to play today, Joke Garden or Dream Paradise,” I said to Xiang Yu while grinning.

I was extremely fond of  Xiang Yu and even regarded her as my own blood younger sister. The main reason for this was that my younger sister from my previous life died at a very early age. Therefore, all of my concerns and love had been placed on Xiang Yu. Every time I see her smile, it made me extremely happy.

“Brother Feng, I am tired of playing. I just heard the adults talk about something called the Jade Leisure House and how good it was. Plenty of aunties are going there to play, but it seems like some money is needed. Brother Feng, don’t you have money, take me there with you! Please?”

Xiang Yu looked at me with her big sparkling and pleading eyes, as both of her trembling hands latched tightly onto the hems of my clothing. Usually, this behavior of hers would work, but this time I would not be swayed.

“Brother Feng, I have heard that the adults say it is very fun to play. So, please take us there.” Even the five year old Xing had wanted to go as well, good heavens!

What is the Jade Leisure House? It’s a brothel. If it is known to my father that his proud, yet to be 6 years old son is leading two younger children with him,  it will not be strange for him to beat me to death. Fortunately, I have know about it earlier. Otherwise,  Xiang Yu would have dragged Ah Xing there and only to made a fool out of themselves.

“Xiang Yu, there is no way that you can go to that place. If you are to go to there, your father will hit you,” I said with a straight and serious face. If I didn’t do so, this girl would not give up.

“Okay, I know! I won’t go anymore… Why is it that if I do go, dad would beat me?” Xiang Yu  asked with a puzzled look on her face. Looking forward to the answer that the omniscient, omnipotent Brother Feng is going to give her but this time she was disappointed that her Brother Feng was staring blankly for a moment. Replying seriously, “Do not ask anymore, do you want to go the Joke Garden?”

“Yes, I understand,” she said sadly as her tears began to flow out quickly.

Then I started to regret what I have said or else how could Xiang Yu be in such a state of crying. Immediately holding onto her hand, I said “Xiang Yu, please do not cry. Just now, it is big brother’s fault. Please do not be angry. Regarding the Jade Leisure House, you will know about it when you grow up . “

“Ah.” Xiang Yu wiped her tears. It seemed she was not entirely happy, my heart sighed but I believed she would forget about this matter after a while.

I had to walk with Xiang Yu while telling her jokes for her to listen. Sigh! Xiang Yu had not laughed at all, Ah Xing had suddenly laughed by himself. Fortunately, Xiang Yu immediately laughed. Only now, did the sky begin to clear up. Immediately, the boundless blue sky could be seen once again allowing even the beggars to be reinvigorated.

“Third young master.”

“Seen the third young master.”

Since that day, with my identity of a five year old child, I knocked out about ten little ruffians. In the whole city of Suzhou, the kids recognized me as the king of children. As these kids see me, they naturally worshiped me but of course, my identity is also an important factor.

Present in front of them was a group of children.

“Third young master, I have an important piece of information.” The little fat boy wearing silk clothing and raised his right hand and cried. This fat boy is my absolute follower but of course, I am also looking after him.

“Speak, what is it?” My face with the cool appearance which gives me the air of a leader. Sadly, facing me is a group of children but having Xiang Yu worshiping me is a good feeling. Ha! Ha!

“Third young master, Ouyang Liang from the Western City unexpectedly dares to set up his own banner. Enough is enough, this cannot allowed to be continued.  I, Pang Fei knowing about that, immediately led the brothers to go flatten him but his Shi Dou is very powerful.  That man alone has defeated all of us. Third young master, you must take revenge for us. Just with the fact that he does not give face to the third young master is enough reason to be whipped. ” This Pang Fei has the appearance filled with righteous indignation .

“Beat him”

“Beat him”

“To dare to provoke third young master, he needs to be beaten up.”

All children have echoed up.

Inside my heart, there is not much of a feeling towards this whimpering wimpy kid. as there is not much of an elegant demeanor in it in fighting with him. However, no matter what, he himself has challenged me for my authority or he is looking be taught a lesson by me.

I immediately smiled and then said: “Ah Fei, this time you have exceptionally good. Let’s go. Follow me to have a look at this Ouyang kid for where has he gotten this courage to allow him to unexpectedly act like this. I will let him know I will not tolerate this kind of encroachment.”

The group of us rushed aggressive towards the Western City. The roadside hawkers and pedestrian are to evade it but failed to do so. They may know who these kids as for these kids are all whole Suzhou city’s most authoritative and powerful man’s child. That child at the middle with long delicate features and  a white cotton jacket is third young master from the Zhang clan, one of the four prominent clan. That’s him. The third young master at the age of 5 on that time, has defeated 10 rogues by himself.

We continued to rush across the two streets and have finally reached the point of destination. The Western City of the small garden is actually one of the four big amusement base for our entertainment use. (One at the Eastern City, one at the Southern City, one at the Northern City and or course the last one at the Western City).

These are the places for us the kids to play in. To be honest, this Ouyang Liang actually has little ability to fight and there will an absolute difference in our fighting skills. It is unexpected that he is able to take on Feng Fei’s group and actually defeat them. It appears that this Shi Dou is not the ordinary child. Looks like I have to be cautious and observe how it going to turn out.

Passing through the flowerbed, walking through the stone bridge, passing through the gateway, and in front of them is a piece of a vacant land emerging in front of their sight. To the side, there are only a few stone chairs and a dozen or more long benches. On top of the piece of vacant land, covered with green lawns over it. This is the place we play nosily. Located at the center of all the stone chairs, stands out one very stone chair with an imposing aura which is the throne dedicated to me. Ordinarily, there will be absolutely no one sitting onto the throne but today, there is one person with a red silk clothing sitting on the throne. Ouyang Liang.

He indeed does have lean figure but his face is very white. He really do look very similar to his old man,  The Ouyang old man is well-known this man is known for his treacherousness. My father has once said, the Ouyang clan is the best at their business. Precisely, due to the fact that and the way they are conducting themselves too excessively, this has ultimately decides that the Ouyang clan is bound to be never able to have a big accomplishment. With one glance at the Ouyang Liang, it is already known straight away that this kid is of a treacherous generation.

That Ouyang Liang at this moment is sitting on op of the throne with the happy and content expression while eating on the dim sum and drinking a cup of the highest quality of Long Jing tea.In front of them stood a dozen or more children from the Western City are playing games with them feeling extremely excited. In the end, he is able to an equal to the third young master. To look at the other children playing, while he himself is able to make an appearance of a superior. Ya! Is the third young master coming here to fight with me. Then, recalling back to the last year when  the third young master, himself defeated a dozen or more adults. I start to feel extremely scared on the inside. Then looking at the elder boy at the side, his heart start to settle down.

Who is this boy how powerful is he. For him to unexpectedly convince this Ouyang kid  that he is able to defeat the third young master while the third young master is able to defeat a dozen or more rogues.  even let this kid to believe that he can be played third son, this third son can beat a dozen rogue it!

“Ouyang Liang, you are very powerful,ya and become the leader of the group. Ah! Ha! Ha! ……!” The sound vibrates in the ear with Ouyang Liang’s heart starts to tremble in fear and hands shaken in fear. The dim sum which was previously on his hand has dropped onto the floor. Ouyang Liang is starting to feel frightened against the third young master. His heart tremble with so much fear that his heart is about to jumped out. His heart starts to calm down by a bit as he has a look onto the elder boy at the side.

I walk through the gate and from the gate. I can see the Ouyang kid’s face. I could not help but to look down on him. There is not even a hint of courage but he still dare to desire to be king of children. He can continue to dream on!

“Hello, third young master. I, Ouyang Liang is only just with playing together with my companions from the Western City. I have no intention of becoming the leader. I hope that the third young master will not be easily misunderstood. I, Ouyang Liang is extremely loyal to the third young master. Please do not listen to those people that are trying sow discord. ” Ouyang Liang is forced to compel to my imposing aura and he could not help but to feel wronged. With the facial expression of flattering me, it has made me to look at him in disdain.

A mischievous idea suddenly comes across my mind. I laughed while saying, “Ouyang Liang I know that you are loyal to me and at the present, I have one thing I do want you to help me do. I wondered whether are you going to help me? “

“Of course, I am willing. The third young master’s task is also my task. Third young master, there is no need to be modest and please do not hesitate to instruct me. I, Ouyang Liang will make sure that the third young master to be satisfied with it.” says Ouyang Liang with a straightforward face with the smile on his face. If he is to be able to overcome this crisis, he will rejoice for it.

Looking at him, I am starting to laugh in the inner heart to see that he is able to put up a smile like this. My facial expression start to let out a warm smile. I then say “Ouyang Liang, it is just a menial task. It just that the pile of rocks at the southern area is an eyesore. Just help me take these pile of rocks to the northern side. Do it quickly.”

Looking at the pile of stones, I start to chuckle. Even for the adults, it is estimated that it will take about a day to get that done. For Ouyang Liang, let alone moving all the rocks, it will be impossible for him to move any of those big stones.

Ouyang Liang looks at the pile of stones then starts to have his eyebrows wrinkled. He laughed and said: “The third master, please do rest assured, I can certainly do it. Ah Feng! I will pass on this task to you, you better somehow get it done for me. Otherwise, humph..!” Ouyang looked at the Shi Dou as he gives his order.

Lang Feng looking at his master is starting to feel indignant but his own mother is still in need of medical treatment. His mind then suddenly recalled back the image of his mother’s face undergoing drastic changes. Her hair drying up, falling out of her head and the repeated and continuous warning from his mother sounded into his ears, “Little Feng, Ah,  come back in the evening earlier as going up the mountains is too dangerous. You must remember. Come back early…” His heart beats with a burst of sorrow.

“Ah Feng, what are you doing and standing in a daze. Quickly start moving!” says Ouyang Liang with his two widely opened ferocious eyes while showing his arrogant attitude.

“Third young master, this contemptible person is of farmer from the mountain and therefore, he has never seen such a big figure like you. I do hope that the third young master will not bother with this kind of a person. Are you not going to hurry up?” This Ouyang Liang presenting himself with the attitude of being respectful to me but he is dealing with his Shi Dou with such a fierce attitude. Hai! It appears that this Ouyang clan will never be able to rise back to become prosperous.

Lang Feng grinds his teeth as he begins the task of moving the rocks. I frowned for a moment and then suddenly give out a laugh. Looking at Ouyang Liang while smiling and says, “Ouyang Liang, I’m asking you personally to handle the task to allow you to present your talent and respect. Why don’t you give me an answer? Is it that your lackey has not heard your order for that he has not undertake the task immediately?”

Ouyang Liang is starting to feel indignant. You, Zhang Xing Feng not only from a prestigous clan but also is also so powerful in martial arts. How can you be so excessive? While scolding inside his heart, Ouyang Liang has already forgotten about Lang Feng that is in front of him and not far from him. Then recalling back the previous scene of Lang Feng fighting with a ferocious Amur Tiger bare handed. In less than ten minutes, Lang Feng is able to kill the Amur Tiger. That Lang Feng then pays respect to him with whole body bathed with the Amur Tiger’s blood. Ouyang Liang’s heart gives a burst anger then looking at Zhang Xing Feng. Since you are not going to be benevolent with me, then don’t blame me for being heartless. Humph!

“Ah Feng, this is the third young master and he is well-known for his martial arts as his martial arts is the best in the whole Suzhou City. You can turn to the third young master and ask for guidance. Why are you still standing there? Get moving.” Ouyang Liang, looking at the third young master bright, starts to imagine the moment where the third young master falls flat on the ground as he loses. With him fairly excited, he speaks,

“Third young master, please come and give guidance for my lackey.”

I then take a glance at Ouyang Liang and I am somewhat surprised. After all, this Ouyang Liang is just 7 years old this year but he already knows how to employ this flattery and tricks to accomplish his own goals. Looks like, there is a sly little fox emerging from the Ouyang clan. However, sadly, I am not one of those kids to be easily fooled by him. With my eyes, I give a quick gleam and says, “Could it be that you still have not heard about what I have just told you to do? Quickly go and start.”

“Lang Feng, are you still not going to take action. Could it be that you have forgotten about your mother?” says hurriedly by Ouyang Liang with an exceedingly malicious tone.

Lang Feng trembles in fear as he hears the words ‘your mother’. He could not help but to knead up a fist. Deep down, he could not help but to feel gloomy. He feels sorry but for his mother, he has to defeat the third young master. Taking a deep breath, his two eyes fixated in front of him – Zhang Xing Feng.

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