I am here to announce to you guys that I have finally 2 proofreader. Brian & Amaranth. We have discuss it out and we are going back to chapter one and start the cleaning process from chapter 1. Therefore, I do hope that the readers will patiently wait for us for I am trying to bring a better quality chapters.

With these comes the bad news, there will be no chapters for the next two weeks. So, the other two chapters that are guaranteed to be out this week will not be uploaded. I am sorry for all those readers. So, do wait for me coming back in 2 weeks time.

At the same time for those are fairly interested in my Patreon, I am  here to say that there is a major changes in my Patreon for the month of December. Due to me being inactive for half a month, I am changing my Patreon from $ per month to $ per chapters.

That’s all for now for Rancerqz.

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