Chapter 18- Representative!

Edited by: Watermelon

Chapter 18- Representative!

Kardo’s POV

The fight was truly interesting. Rancer’s deception was world class. If not for the fact that I had known that he had trained under master, I would have been thinking the same as the crowd. Now, even Janel was paying attention to Rancer. What shocked me the most was that master had even taught Rancer the lightning pulse. Depending on the user, it could be a frightening ability. After on, I gave my usual annual speech. Briefing them about the next event which was the selection of the representatives for the first years. I then spoke about the perks that these representatives would be able to receive which was almost on par with the inner court disciples. I could see many of them aspiring to be one of them but reality can be really harsh at times like this. Then, I spoke about the inner court exam. The restrictions are that the inner court disciples must have been an outer court disciple for a minimum of a year and be in the top 100 in order to take part in the exam. I knew that many would not want to risk themselves challenging the seniors or those stronger than them whether in power or the superior networks of their seniors. After all, cultivating as an outer court disciples is pretty decent with the resources the sect was providing. Therefore, here comes the second rule stating that if the outer court disciples cannot make it as an inner court disciples in 3 years. The outer court disciples will be kicked out of the sect and be a guardian. Being a guardian for the sect may have some prestige but surely one’s cultivation speed will gradually slump. This rule will greatly increase the competitiveness of each one of the disciples. After all, every year, the sect accepts a rough estimate of 300 people causing less than one ninth to make it through this dog eat dog world.

I hope that this year there will be many things installed for me to keep me entertained. I am looking forward to the graduation ceremony. Now, I just need to know at what level can this kid transform into a human. The higher the level one takes to transform to a human, the more potential one has. All the weak magical beast can transform into a human at stage of 4. Beings like dragon needs to reach 5 stars or more. What’s more is that their transformation is not complete and will have some distinctive feature of their animal side. For the dragon, it will be their draconic eyes. As usual, the representative selection will begin tomorrow.

Rancer’s POV

After the fight, everyone started giving me this gaze and vibe that they do not want to mess with me. The first year students then dispersed. For those that were clearly aware of their power and knew that they could not make it as a representative, they just wandered around. Meanwhile, for those who wanted to give a shot at the chance of becoming representative hurriedly rushed back to their room. These people would cultivate for some time and then take a good rest today to make sure they were at the peak of their condition.

The day would pass by quickly and soon the time would come. The day where the sect placed heavy importance upon. The second year seniors would look out for potential rivals capable of stealing their spots in becoming an inner court disciples and as for the newcomers, they would witness the selection of the cream of the crop. Besides looking in awe and admiration of the representatives, these first year would also seek protection from the representatives then form a faction. A day where great changes would occur.

I then headed back to my dorm. After performing some stretches for a while to make sure that I was more used to my tiger form, I went to bed to have a good night sleep. Soon, I dozed off and fell deep into my slumber. At first, the surrounding around me was all dark but slowly the three basic colors manifested themselves and coloured the dark world. As more and more complex colors formed, the surrounding that I was so familiar with appeared as it colored. The arena. Around me standing were the first year students. What was happening? Why were they clapping? Why am I in the center? Wait a minute? How did they time pass so fast? I would still remember that I was sleeping and how did it come to this. Nevertheless, I shruged off my thoughts and started to concentrate on my fight. In front of me was the most ordinary tiger, ordinary pale yellow fur coating his body. The ‘king’ word on his forehead with whiskers near its mouth region. Black stripes covering his body. I am suspecting that this tiger was lucky like me and had eaten a dantian and accidentally became a magical beast. As for how he reached the third realm is a question. Using Earth Embrace and Ordinary flame, I easily overpower him. I have won! The fight goes on with me fighting with Gerin. Gerin smiles at me eerily. Earth Embrace! At this moment, I notice something odd is going on. My leg is sinking into the ground more and more as I traveled. What trickery is this? I paused for a moment to think of a way to escape this predicament only to make the situation worse. The ground instantly solidifies leaving me no space to move my leg. I am trapped with no way of escape. With no choice, I have to surrender. Gerin makes a pose of triumph as he watches me surrender. Argh! I cannot accept this humiliation. At least let me walk to some corner where no one can see me. I struggle for a moment and finally I have broken through the floor. My sense of balance is thrown into disarray causing one of my feet to be caught on a bump. I stumbled and the I can feel the pain. I momentarily closed my eyes as I picked myself up. Looking around my surroundings. Have I teleported to somewhere again? This is my room! A dream? This could possibly be a bad omen.

The day has finally arrived. It’s time. The gong rings thrice and everyone except for those who want to have a shot at becoming a representatives steps up. There are a total of 50 people stepping up to the arena. It’s a stage where only the surviving eight will proceed. The fight starts off with everyone making a fair distance from everyone else while keeping wary of each other. However, none of them are willing to approach me to attack me due to that unknown attack of mine. Gerin also unleashes his aura to frighten all the contestants away. As for the rest, some of them decide to team up to eliminate me. Using Earth Embrace, I dodge the attacks skillfully while pushing them out of the arena. One by one contestants are eliminated and there are a few that are pretty smart as they were following me. They were just using movement art to dodge while pushing the contestants off the arena. This way, they will minimize the consumption of chi. The fight ends with little suspense. The final eight are chosen.

My first fight is this tiger that is almost similar to the ordinary tiger that I envisioned. This guy looks so weak. My opponent is Hoer. A normal tiger that turned into a magical beast with a cultivation of 3 stars and 1 stripe. That should be easy. The fight begins! I just follow through with what I had dreamed of. Using Earth Embrace, I take the initiative in attacking him. Moving forward, Hoer uses Earth Spike which disrupts my path causing me to take a detour. With no choice, I have to take a detour. I move to the left and then Hoer summons another Earth Spike. I move to the other side and the same thing happens. In the end, Hoer has just created a cage for  himself within the Earth Spikes that he had used. Cladding myself with the Original flame, I raise it to the highest temperature. Ramming into the Earth Spikes, the Earth Spikes melt before they come into contact with the Original flame. The intense temperature is definitely unbearable for Hoer as he had just broken through the third realm recently. Hoer has to use a large quantity of his lower quality of chi to fend off the heat. Moreover, his chi pulse is so small that almost all the chi is drained in less than a second. The sweat pores of Hoer enlarge as beads of sweat form. Hoer taps out and admits defeat.Somehow, a part of my dream goes wrong as something unexpected happens.

<<  T.O.C >>

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