Proofreader and Miscellaneous

Hello, guys. For those out there who are wondering why there is like zero activity going on in this site, well around last week, I did put up a recruitment request for the proofreader position in RoyalRoad and Wuxiaworld forum. I manage to get one proofreader called Watermelon. He (probably) has helped me edit the next two chapters but somehow he has went inactive for some time (probably some real life issue going on). Therefore, I am in need of another proofreader. If you are interested, please send me a mail at

The next thing is that I am thinking that the donation thing is not working at all. Therefore, I am abolishing the sponsored chapter system and just putting the donation button for tipping purpose. I have created a Patreon account but I will not put the link first as the third chapter after the latest post is still not edited yet. Although it may seems like I am an a greedy person, I do hope that some kind souls can donate to me like $30. This will allow me to have a domain name and allow me to apply for Wordads. After all, I still need to support my life.

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