Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival

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Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival

Rancer’s POV

It is a good and comfy sleep as I wake up to find that most of my fatigue has subsided. Doing some light exercises as I am trying to get use to my tiger form as soon as possible. It is just so weird for me to move awkwardly in my tiger form. I walk out of my room and then I see this tigress. One word says it all. Beautiful. The ears colored pale yellow with some hint of pale red makes me want to nimble that ear. The eyes are like the devil’s seduction, so alluring it can drag out your soul out of your body. The body colored golden-yellow carrying a hint of majestic aura making the male tiger want to be step on by this tigress. The tail with stripes makes the whole set complete. Wait a minute. This is not supposed to be me. I am not such a perverted person. Blame it on my animalistic urges of mine. Yup! I wonder every male suffers this problem of mine. How can I still take off my eyes from Jeslyn and look at another girl?

Suddenly, someone bump into me. “What are you looking at? The fact that your eyes are to be digged out for having a glance on Janel but be thankful for her grace and forgiveness. Blah…” the male tiger speaks.

Afterwards, I do not even bothered about him as I currently knows the name of that beauty. Janel is it. Such a pity that I have met a beauty like you at a time like this. I have to be loyal to Jeslyn. Strengthening my resolve, I move towards to the hall for the welcoming ceremony for the new outer court disciples. At the hall, I am truly mind blown to see such a crowd. So many young tiger clans members with each having some promising talent. How do I know that? Apparently, this is one of the top sect that offers the best cultivation resources due to the founder’s array and due to that the sect has stringent requirements. The main requirements are to be at least 3 stars at the age of 6 and to have at least one top affinities for one element.

It is then my thoughts go on for a while until I notice a familiar presence. It was Janel. Every male tiger turn to her side to take a glance while some being braver gives a mighty roar in attempt to draw the attention of Janel. Along the way, I pick up something rather interesting. Janel apparently is one the main member of the Divine Tiger clan. Her talent and beauty have allow her to be worshiped as a living goddess. Every male tiger want to have her as the wife as this will help them to elevate their status in their clan. Pak! I am lightly slap by a paw. I glare at this person. Who does he think he is? I am Grandpa Dugo’s grandson. However, apparently, Grandpa Dugo is not famous at all although I can feel the imposing aura in him indicating me that he is quite an expert.

Seriously! What kind of bad luck I have to meet this tiger twice already. I am starting to wonder who this son of big-shot is. From the whole body, one can see the well defining black and white color contrasting each other. The tail with alternating black and white stripes. His body has the white skin with black polka dots on his skin. He announce himself, “What are glaring at, you lowly peasant. I did warned you didn’t . No one can have a look at my property.” He heavily announces the last sentence and makes sure that everyone in the hall hears it. What a narcissist this person is? To look at himself so highly and looking down someone else. After a slight pause, he continues,”I am Gerin, the son of the clan leader of the Duo Tiger.” Everyone gasp at it. Is it a prominent clan? How come I have never heard about it from grandpa. Time for some answers. “Taratos, tell me about this clan.” I convey it in telepathy.

Then, some knowledge flows into my head. After seconds, I get some interesting info. The Duo Tiger is one of the big four tiger clan. The best of grade a Duo Tiger is a middle level divine beast. The main reason is that this clan members affinity of element are all at least bearable or higher. Another important note to be taken down is that they always have two  elements. The is a certain grading for the magical beast starting off with common magical beast, low level divine beast, middle level divine beast, high level divine beast, top level divine beast, peak level divine beast and lastly God level divine beast. Although this one magical beast may be from a lower grade but the laws of heaven is always fair. For every ascension, the magical beast’s grade will elevate by one grade.

Gerin’s POV

What is this? Shouldn’t this tiger be baffled at my superior status. Contrasting to my imagination, he just have this blank look for seconds. I cannot stand it being ignored. Ah, I know, I will use the school’s rule to beat him down and make him shiver in fear and move aside when he sees me in the future. I shouted,”I challenge you to a fight!”

I hear murmurs around and then give a smug face to Janel. “I accept your challenge!” he says. Yes! Here is hook to the line like a caught fish as his struggle will be futile. There are two reasons why I know I will have a high chance in winning this fight. First, most of the student here are about 3 stars and 2 stripes while I am already at 3 stars 7 stripes. That already gives me an overall advantage in terms of speed, power and chi reservoir. The next reason is that his red fiery skin of his probably indicate that he is a highly probable tiger with fire affinity which allows me overwhelm him with my water affinity techniques. The teachers reconfirmed by asking us another time. After that, an enchantment is laid. Battle start!

He dashes towards me clad with thin flame and tries to ram at me. Such a crude way of fighting me and a low rate technique. Does he thinks that this kind of third-rate technique is able to deal any damage to me. When out distance is less than a meter, suddenly one fireball appeared out of nowhere projected towards me at such ferocity, heat and velocity. What a sly way to trick your opponent, sadly your opponent is me. I draws my chi from the chi reservoir and then expels my chi. I control my chi like a glue to connect the water essence from the surrounding. A dome of water barrier is raised. Seeing that this attack is not multi-directional or diverging and is just travelling in a single path. I morph the dome of water and turns it into a wall of water. I then releases the chi and let the law of inertia do the rest. The wall of water having no restraint starts to collapse forming a water tide and then swallowing the fireball. The tide of water continues moving forward then pushing him backwards. That face of being surprised is truly priceless. He then charges at me. This time, one of his fingers is filled with a small yellow colored ball. I raise the water barrier in front of me. After all, there is no way he is superior than me in speed nor in reaction time.

He somehow change his direction of motion and appear behind me. Damn! I cannot believe he bypass my defense. What speed is that? How can he have a first-rate movement skill? I have been played around all this time! The yellow light then enter my body but nothing happen. I touch at the spot where he just insert the ball. Nothing! Is he making a fun of me? He then back out. He then shoot out a streak of lightning towards me. I evaded all but one. The one just grazed me but somehow I feel some inner shock. Due to the inner shock, I lose my stance and pace to evade the next successive lightning. I suffer internal and external damage but I cannot comprehend what is happening. My mind is blacking out as there is a crazy amount current influx. I shout, “What’s your name? I will beat you the next time and the fight will not be as easy as this one.” “Rancer,” he says. Good. Watch out I comeback stronger than ever to challenge you again. I then faint.


Rancer’s POV

The fight starts. At first. I clad myself with thin flame over my body and he still have the smug face as if he has won the fight. When I reach less than one meter, I turn my Original flame into a shape of fireball to see his reaction. I cannot believe that he really thinks that he has already win the game. Let’s play with him a bit longer and let him think that I am weak. I fire the fireball at him. A sudden water barrier appears then turning into a wall of water. The wall of water then drops and absorbs the fireball. My goodness the intensity of the wave is so weak. I just play along with it and pretends to be swept away backwards. That face, it is nice to see that you are already getting arrogant. It is time to end it and let him a taste how defeat is.

It’s high time to show that the glorious victory of mine. Lightning Pulse! This guy is still unfazed with this lightning pulse. Soon, he will know how dangerous this baby is. I keep it at the tip of one of the nails. I then use Earth Embrace. My goodness. This speed is so addictive as I outrun his reflexes. Before he manages to move, I have already sink in the Lightning pulse into the body of Gerin’s body. I then back off. I nearly want to flip myself and laugh as I look at the antique of the terrified Gerin. He literally closes his eye. What kind of people closes their eyes during the fight. Gerin then inspects his body and finds no abnormally. I bet he must be pissed of to think this flashy little ball does nothing to him and my action has shown everyone how much of a coward he is.

I then use Ionization Lightning. Before Gerin can start to be serious, multiple strike of lightning are already directed towards him. Gerin with no choice starts to dodge but sadly one of the lightning starts to graze him. It is the start of the combo attack. With his brain registering the pain, he reaction speed greatly dull allowing his evasion rate to drop significantly. More and more lightning hits him. At one moment, his body is probably in great pain that he is not moving at all. After what has happened next  afterwards is known already.


Janel’s POV

The fight between the boys are funny. The boy named Rancer clearly surprised me as he is using martial arts from three elements. After all, it takes a great deal of time to learn martial arts to a certain mastery and now he learns martial arts skill related to three elements while still able to cultivate up to 3 stars 1 stripes realm or above. A genius. My interest is peaked and I start to pay a great deal of attention to him. I am shocked. His fur color is not red but actually vermilion and that reminds me of the great savior that has saved my ancestor. Could he be related to the savior? If so, I will try to rope him and make him mine. I give him a wink but sadly he has already turned around and those stupid fools start to go crazy at my wink. Males are too easy to control. Just, you wait, Rancer. Soon, you will be in my grasp. The founder Kardo which is also our clan ancestor makes his appearance and calm everyone down. He gives the his opening speech and we are dispersed.

<<  T.O.C >>


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  1. hey author can you par Rancer with Janel and not with Jeslyn/
    because Rancer is such a rare type of tiger and i think it will be batter if he is with a tigeress then a human girl, this is FF with magical beast as the MC so i think it fit to make the heroine a magical beast too.
    this is my opinion so dont be offended by it.


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