Zern says, “Let’s go, brothers. Today, is the day we shall seek the ultimate peace for humanity.” Zern pushes the gigantic gate that appears to be super heavy. In front of them, lays a man sitting on the throne. This man bears this bored look and says in a sarcastic way, “Finally, the humans have arrived.” All of them starts their attack onto this man.

Wind Cutter Palm!

Raging Fire Blast!

Ground Shackles!

Earth Spike!

Lightning Blast!

Ice Impalement!

Many of them starts off their long-range barraging attacks onto the last boss. Then, after that they change to close quarter combat attacks but the last boss remains unfazed. The last boss gives a loud roar and then the spirit manifests. Cold sweat beads are forming on all the people here. Before Zern can yell to recall them back, the snake spirit that have manifested coils around more than half of the people. The rest falls back or escapes in time. For the unlucky ones, they are crushed to death due to the increased pressure of the coiling of snake. This last boss is an Spirit Elder rank or higher. “Everyone runs. I hold him back,” says Zern. Zern manifests his spirit. The wyvern with sleek and yellow scales all over the body that pale in comparison the brilliant gold color. The wingless wvyern rams onto the snake. The battle of the spirits start off. As Zern tries to hold the last boss’ attention, the last boss appear not to care about of Zern. The last boss continues his slaughter on Zern’s man. Grieve wells up on Zern. All of his trusted buddies that have gone through thick and thin for years are being slaughtered mercilessly one by one.

Zern grits his teeth then taking out a vial. He remove the lid and drinks its content. Zern’s power soars up. Feeling empower, Zern gives a loud roar to draw the last boss’ attention. By that moment, the only people left is his closest buddy, Leoran. Zern with the sudden boost of the power rush to the last boss. 5 Clawed Wyvern Clutch! The chi runs through the tip of his 5 fingers. His fingers morph into a claws of a wyvern. As the last boss approaches Leoran, his speed abruptly stops for a while to deal a critical and decisive strike to Leoran. Zern manages to catch up to the last boss and performs his attack. The attack manages to sink into the backbone of the last boss. At this very moment, Zern can feel the a huge untapped reserve of strength of the last boss as if the last boss is toying with them all this time. Without sparing anytime to think, Zern shouts, “Run, Leoran. He is not on the same par as us. I just hope that you will protect my descendants” Leoran panics as this is the first time his friend has no confidence in a fight. Leoran flees. The last boss with a back hand movement impales into the heart area of the Zern. The last boss crushes the Zern’s heart. Zern’s eyes then loss its light of life. Zern slumps down. The last boss kicks the lifeless Zern aside and speaks, “The humans are so useless. A waste. Can’t even put an end to my misery?”

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