Chapter 16- The Divine Tiger Sect

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Chapter 16- The Divine Tiger Sect

Rancer’s POV

On our way to the Divine Tiger Sect, Grandpa Dugo then feeds me with some history of the founder and he does not sound quite please. Apparently, the founder was already a step towards death. Grandpa Dugo sees his perseverance and his potential. Grandpa Dugo feels sad for this potential genius for the tiger species dying here. Therefore, Grandpa Dugo healed him and taught him a few techniques. Never would Grandpa Dugo thought that the founder will make a name in the immortal plane.

The founder then called himself the Divine Tiger clan which made Grandpa Dugo so mad and furious as no one should have simply used the word divine to name its clan. What’s more when the founder was just at the immortal level. Of course, many tiger clan often challenge him to get the divine name and this has made the founder a lot of enemies. The founder seeks help from Grandpa Dugo. Grandpa Dugo had to mediate the crisis and the as upon the agreement the founder can only stay at the mortal plane and never to step a foot on the immortal plane or he will die horribly. This was what made Grandpa Dugo furious as the founder created a mess himself and only to seek help from him. Even Grandpa Dugo does not even dare to put the ‘Divine’ word to the Vermilion Tiger. According to the grandpa, once one applied for the name, the Heaven will record it down and no one can have the same name of the tiger clan. The only other way was to fight for it through a wager. After all this fight, the founder settle down and created a sect after his clan’s name. The Divine Tiger Sect. Now, once in a while the founder will sent his descendant to the immortal plane to slay down all his enemies to allow him to ascend to the immortal plane to further cultivate. Another juicy info that I have obtained is that the founder is at 10 stars 10 stripes. Grandpa Dugo says that it is the will of Heaven that no one can further cultivate more than 10 stars and no one more than 10 stars can descend down to the mortal plane as well. These will are all for the protection of the welfare of the mortal to protect the onslaught of the powerful immortal.

Upon reaching the gate, I notice the school has two enchantment barrier I asked Grandpa Dugo how the founder makes two enchantment to overlap with each other. Grandpa Dugo put on a please look when he hears my question. He rubs my head and says he is quite proud of my talent in enchantment to see a part of silver level enchanter. “It is actually three enchantment arrays over one another. That is also the reason why Kardo (the founder of the Divine Tiger Sect) that allows him to make a name in the immortal plane. The enchantment arrays used are the Chi gathering array, Mirage barrier array and Heart Testing array.” says Grandpa Dugo.

Chi gathering array- The most basic array that is also what makes enchanter heavily in demand. The chi gathering array is also graded following the ranking system of the enchanter. This array gathers chi from the outside and supplies it into the array making the place more dense with chi. A higher ranking chi gathering array is said to be able to amplify the chi inside the array making the place more denser with chi. To increase the level of one’s chi gathering array, one needs deeper understanding and insight or one learns the knowledge from their seniors. However, the second way is not encouraged as this will make the enchanter harder to proceed the next level as the previous level knowledge was not based on his theories and understanding but rather pure memorization of the array.

Mirage barrier array- An unique array that protects the place under the array. The additional feature that makes it different from a normal barrier array is that it has the mirage effect. It causes lower level cultivation people to perceive that the certain place under the array looks exactly plain like there is nothing there but there can be a building hidden.

Heart testing array- This array more often lay used as a trial for righteous sect as this array test your inner heart and desire.

With a slight hand movement, Grandpa Dugo produce a talisman. It blinks for a few moments and then three shooting stars can be seen moving towards our direction. “Here’s my grandson, I am sending him to this sect because of its potential and also its tradition.” says Grandpa Dugo.

“R R Are, you sure you that sir,” the man standing at the middle ask.

“It’s the best because of my trust for the sect and I have strayed from my job for quite some time. It is memorable but I should get to my work before my enemies take advantage of my absence and create chaos,” says Grandpa Dugo.

“Okay, then, I shall respect your wish then. Jall and Heager take this young cub to our sect” says the man at the middle.

“As your wish, Founder Kardo.” says Jall and Heager.

“Goodbye for now my grandson, become strong to level of 7 stars and I will come and find you.” says Grandpa Dugo.

I lift up my paw and wave my hand back at Grandpa Dugo. It is truly a wonderful time with grandpa like a dream and now I have to part with him. I cry a bit and then give a last hug with grandpa and follow the two men. With the time spent with Grandpa Dugo, all these times, I have feel what is to be loved by a family. Mother, I hope that someone in the heavens, you can watch this child of yours create some achievements as he threads his life in the future.


Grandpa Dugo’s POV

After I can no longer see a single shadow representing my grandson, I started taking. I first asked about his well-being.

“Teacher, sorry for troubling you.” says Kardo.

“Don’t call me your teacher. I hardly teach you some stuff and your achievements are all due to your talent and potential. I only teach a stuff or two and I don’t deserve to be called as your teacher. I brought you some news about your clan members.” I say.

“Surprisingly some of them are still alive. Some has even cultivate further than you. Those who are still alive are obviously the branch members. Seriously, what is wrong with the main clan members of yours. They have too much pride in themselves and even went and announced their clan name on the first day they ascended. After that, they are hunted non-stop. Still, they break a record to survive the immortal wide search for six months.” I continue.

Sigh! “Well that is to be expected. I just hope that the branch members are not cursing me. Guess I need to add another character formation programme for the main members. It is probably due to my fault that the main members are acting arrogant. Perhaps, I am just too powerful in the mortal plane.” says Kardo.

“What can you do about it? Arrogance runs deep for those younger generations that leech of from the fame of their ancestors. That is the reason why I am sending my grandson to this sect is to allow him to depend on himself. All powerhouse of this world that emerge here which creates legacy and history all start without any assistance just like you. To be true expert, one need to be subjected to constant pressure of experts to motivate oneself to have the discipline to be stronger. That is one of the reason why I sent my grandson to this sect is due to the sect’s graduation tradition.” I say.

“Hai, at first, I thought that you are joking but I cannot believe you mean it. There is about 70% chance of him dying.” says Kardo.


Rancer’s POV

Slowly after our separation, Jall and Heager lead me to dorm then telling me to head to the hall tomorrow to attend for the welcoming ceremony for the new outer court disciples. Jall and Heager present me a map and a pamphlet regarding all the facilities that can be assessed by the outer court disciples. What the outer court disciples can access to is only the alchemy room. It is written that if one wants to be promoted to be inner court disciple, one needs to pass through the trial called Tower of Trial. The room provided for the outer court disciples are so small and cramped. Luckily, I have an interpatial ring or I will have felt that this room is totally uncomfortable. The room is a 3 feet width and 8 feet long. The only thing that can please me is the bed but it truly feels uncomfortable in my tiger form as I am so used to my human form. Stretching myself, I take a good sleep to clear the fatigue for travelling all the way to the sect and laying the cold hard ground along the journey.

<<  T.O.C >>



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