Chapter 14- Jack in the box

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Chapter 14- Jack in the box

Han Chong grits his teeth as he strengthen his resolve. Han Chong draws in the chi madly. Mo Wu, Chen Da and Fo Shen sense that something terrible is going on as the density of the chi is waning in an increasing pace. Three of them’s aura starts to change as well. Their easygoing attitude turns to be more serious as they strengthen their defense. None of them are willing to take the risk in attacking Han Chong only to be taking Han Chong’s attack at a close proximity. Fo Shen being well-known for his passive tough defense due to the Rock Strengthening art is in a lax state and he is brimming in joy in his heart as Mo Wu and Chen Da have expand out more chi to deal with Han Chong’s attack. On the other hand, Chen Da and Mo Wu are feeling gloomy with the turn of event as they will be at the disadvantaged one after this fight. Han Chong at the meantime uses his chi to will the foreign chi to his dantian. The foreign chi is colliding with the dantian non-stop as Han Chong is not following the natural way of cultivation. After the foreign chi clashes with the dantian for some moment, a booming sound can be heard by Han Chong. Han Chong’s aura further intensifies as he has made to the entry of the 6th realm. Cold sweats can be seen forming from all three of them. They know what it means when Han Chong has made it to the 6th realm. They are dead for what can three mid leveled 4th realm cultivators do to a 6th realm cultivator?

However, little do they know that Han Chong can only probably deal five blows with his maximum capabilities before he breathes his last breath. Han Chong rushes towards Mo Wu. Knowing that losing Mo Wu will spell demise for Chen Da. Chen Da quickly extends help to Mo Wu by using the second stance- Counter essence arts.By using this art, water essence from the surrounding is pooled together with Chen Da being the center. According the rule of yin yang, there will always be a force counteract the others balancing the other force. Like how water counters fire and by drawing away the water essence in the air, the balance is disrupted causing the place to be more denser with fire affinities. One of the five-pointed pentagram lights up with bright fiery red color. Mo Wu smiles with the assistance given by Chen Da. The fiery red point dims as a Cherufe with the size of a human appears at the fiery red point. Cherufe is s type of summoned monster that appears in humanoid shape made up of rock and magma. Cherufe is described to have blazing red veins all around its black body. This Cherufe gives off a vibe to the people that you should not even be under his vision or something nasty will happen. The Cherufe gives off a creepy red vein smile as it tests out its body. This time a green color point starts to bright up a bit. This is the scary part of the 5 Style Pentagram. The use of one element essence in the atmosphere will disrupt the balance making the other element essence countering it to be denser. However, one must remember that when there is yin there is yang. Therefore, there will bound to be a weakness in the 5 Style Pentagram and one of the most obvious weakness is that this enchantment can definitely contain the profoundness of chi of a cultivator of 6th realm.

Han Chong sends out a burst of his chi and the array of the enchantment starts to be shaken. The enchantment then breaks of but the Cherufe still remains. The Cherufe starts dashing towards Han Chong. A spear appears out of nowhere and drops onto the hand of Han Chong. Han Chong grips the spear properly and execute the attack, Spear Strikes. An attack that incorporates speed and strength making it looks like rain droplets falling down just that it is moving horizontally. Using his superb speed and strength, Han Chong is able to release an attack  that looks as if there are so many spears attacking but in fact, every one of the spears that are phantasm are able to deal damage. The Cherufe receives the attack head on only to be destroyed into parts and parts. The Cherufe does not expect that the damage to be so severe that this attack has managed to hit his core for it has trusted its body hardness. The core shatters upon the impact of the collision with the spear and the dense chi of the opponent. As the core shatters, the Cherufe starts to crumble. Parts by parts disjoint as if the Cherufe has lost control of the body. The Cherufe gives its last but long groan as it is unwilling to die just like that. However, the attack does just end like that. The spears continue to pass through the Cherufe and it appears that it is not stopping at all. Mo Wu shrieks at the turn of the event as he only excels in enchantment and he knows that his body is nowhere as tough as the Cherufe. A dozen of more weapons are then summoned by Mo Wu through his interspatial ring. Willing with his chi then infusing the weapons with the chi, Mo Wu performs his do or die attempt for it’s an all in. Sadly, let it be chi or technique, Han Chong overpowers Mo Wu. The weapons crumble into dust upon contact with the spears. Mo Wu has given up for he does not want the treasure anymore. He runs away in a zig-zag motion only to be pierced by a phantasm spear. Then, successive spears pierce through Mo Wu’s body leaving his body to have massive holes. In the end, Mo Wu dies. Chen Da feeling grim as he knows that the chance in him getting the treasure and making it out alive is getting more slimmer. Moreover, Chen Da knows that running away is not an option for Han Chong will never let him do it for the fear that Chen Da will call for backups. Staying here will also spells death to him. This is because Han Chong will kill him and to survive, Chen Da has to team up with Fo Shen. If they win, Fo Shen will kill him to wolf down Chen Da’s share. All in all, every single possibilities of his is a death road.

Fo Shen is being anxious now for the only chance in winning is that Chen Da has to be willing in offering him the helping hand but threading the path of immortal for years have made them very calculative and sly. Fo Shen knows that Chen Da will know be stupid to help him. Fo Shen grits his teeth for his has to depend on himself and know he has to use his best attack that he has not complete mastery over, The Wolf’s Grace. By using this art, Fo Shen moves in a way that appears that he is moving like a wolf with all limbs on the ground. Awkwardly, he moves towards Han Chong while dodging the barrage of attacks of the Spear Strikes. Nevertheless, the low mastery of the skill has put Fo Shen in deep danger but this is his best movement and attacking arts that he has. Fo Shen is lucky that he has learnt the Rock Strengthening Art as his body manages to deflect some of the attacks while some gives him shallow cut wounds. Han Chong raises his arm up, using his hand, he gives a quick spin to the spear. As Han Chong infuses chi to the spear, the spear enlarges with the rod now the circumference of the elephant’s thigh. This spear is a special spear specially made for this skill. The spear is made with the best material and would have been a Level 8 or 9 Common divine artifact if not for the tampering. The spear are made with many tiny holes in the spear making the quality of the spear lower but this has allowed the spear to absorb the chi infused into it. The chi will fill the holes in the spear. While the chi has filled up all the hole, the excess chi pushes the spear causing it to expand. The reason why the spear does not break is due to the material used. Seeing that all is done, Han Chong gives a good scream while mustering all its strength and perform the skill called the Titan’s Toss.

There is no way for Fo Shen to makes it alive until Chen Da offers to help Fo Shen. Chen Da moves to the back of Fo Shen and stretches out his palm then connecting the palm to the back of Fo Shen. Chen Da channels his chi from himself and transfer his chi to Fo Shen. Fo Shen feeling empowered, draws out the combined chi to strengthen himself. Fo Shen uses his defensive stance, Turtle’s Might. Barriers of chi form over both of them continuously and at the same time the spear is breaking through the barrier like a hot knife slicing through a butter. No resistance at all. Sweats are exiting the pores profusely for both Fo Shen and Chen Da as they are starting to feel the exhaustion.

Han Chong not liking that the fact both of them are struggling to keep their life intact. He wants both of them to follow him to the underworld. Han Chong channel is chi to the palm and perform the most simple attack, the palm strike but it contains the chi of a 6th realm that is not to be truffles with. The palm strike hits onto the spear giving the spear an extra thrust forward. At that instant, it is the defense that have lost. The spear breaks through and pierce both of them. Even the unrivaled defense that the Tough Rock Sect boast about cannot defend against this attack. The spear with some drilling force ease the penetration of Fo Shen’s body into and out of it. Fo Shen coughs out two mouth of blood as the attack tears out almost half of his body. Fo Shen regrets his decision for trying to be a greedy person to get the items. As for Chen Da, it is needless to say that Chen Da with no body cultivation with have a worse injury. Chen Da is shredded into meat stripes and it is indeed a gruesome thing to see. As for Han Chong, blood starts to well up in his throat which he then coughs out blood. The aura around Han Chong starts to diminish as his chi running low and the fact that he has used up four out five moves that are present. Po Huir makes his appearance as he thought that Han Chong is already one foot at the death’s door making Po Huir believes that Han Chong is like an old tiger without any fangs.

Po Huir is betting his life on this. If he wins, he will have a chance in becoming an expert. Failing will have meant that at the very least he will be a crippled. Such high risk with such high rewards. Po Huir strengthen his determination. Han Chong stares at the panting Fo Shen who is pretty much a cripple already but Han Chong will not let him off the hook because Han Chong knows by chance Fo Shen crosses ascension stage, Fo Shen will be given a new body. This fact is also known by Fo Shen making him desperately thinking of the ways in keeping his life and Fo Shen is greatly elated with the fact that he can feel Han Chong severely weakened. Han Chong gathers his remaining chi to perform the last Spear Strikes. At this moment, Han Chong has left his back completely defenseless and what’s more is that he has no more chi left to probe the surrounding. Po Huir moving stealthily while holding onto a dagger coated with poison. A dagger with a shorter reach will definitely help in reducing the time for Han Chong reacting to the attack. Fo Shen having a clear view of what is happening is grinning in heart. God has given him a chance to live. The strikes starts and Han Chong lost every ounce of his strength. Po Huir does a stab onto Han Chong’s back. Just as the dagger reaches near Han Chong’s back, Han Chong senses the dagger but he cannot muster any strength left. All Han Chong can do is have a good view at who is going to kill him. Turning back, Han Chong sees this kid and bitterly he laughs at himself. His path to immortality is cut short for being greedy.

As for Fo Shen, the attack is cancelled halfway, sparing his life. Fo Shen yells, “Quick, bring me back to the sect and give me the ring.” Po Huir gives a creepy smile and take out a vial containing poison. Fo Shen is startled with the very fact that Po Huir is trying to kill him. Panicking yet scared, Fo Shen yells, “What are you doing? Killing an elder of the sect is equal to death.” Po Huir replies, “I do not see any witnesses here at all. All I have to do is to say that Elder Fo Shen dies an honorable death from the fight. Haha. Fo Shen, you have never thought that I will kill you right. Serve you right for killing the whole village of mine. You will not have think that I have found out about the truth.” Fo Shen knowing that his life is at stake and the words he speaks will determine whether he lives through this tribulation.

Fo Shen starts to deny his wrongdoing but it is too late. Po Huir removes the cork of the vial and pour out the poison. Fo Shen being low on chi and his meridian path jumbled up  due to the massive damage, Fo Shen cannot protect himself from the poison. Fo Shen can only watch the poison slowly entering his body. One organ after another is invaded by the poison. Fo Shen wiggles in pain as his disciple with an eager face of him watching him dying. By now, even if he wants to curse, he cannot curse at all. Fo Shen’s body involuntarily wrenches for the last time. Fo Shen is dead. Po Huir laughs like a lunatic as he is the last winner and winner keeps it all. As Po Huir approaches the Han Chong’s corpse, Rancer jumps down from the tree and makes his appearance. Po Huir starts to feel dread after all, someone has seen him murdering Fo Shen which can spell death to him. Dugo and Jeslyn then too make their descent. Po Huir is starting to panic at the instant when he cannot gauge the strength of Dugo. There is no sense presence of him although Dugo is directly standing in front of him. An expert at the very least at immortal stage. Even the founder has not reach the stage yet. Quickly turning around, Po Huir starts to run to the opposite direction of them for he knows fighting is not an option and the expert is not willing to lower himself to kill him, the junior. Po Huir gives his warning as he runs away, “Don’t you think it is over. I will be back!”

Rancer greedily walks to the corpse of Han Chong. As Rancer reaches the corpse, Rancer searches for the ring. Upon finding it, Rancer pricks his finger and watches the blood sink into the ring. He takes a peek into the contents and he is beyond satisfied.

<<  T.O.C >>


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