Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending

Chapter 13- Unexpected Ending

Rancer’s POV

The fight starts off with some unexpected arrival of some unknown people. I wonder what is happening to draw this amount of people reporting to the seniors. Hastily, the seniors start to move from their sitting position as if this competition is no longer that important. These unknown people starts leading the seniors and their direction appears to be the same. Could it be that some huge event is going on?

Po Huir is left baffled at the turn of event. Neither of us know what are we going to do with this fight. “Rancer just come down already,” Grandpa Dugo calls. I hesitate for a while but still I go out of the stage. “The fight is pointless now for all the prizes are stolen,” Grandpa Dugo continues. What? Thinking about it again, I am not really surprise about it either as the ultimate prize is quite a temptation. I ask, “So what are we going to do now?” “Do you want to join and watch this merry situation?” asked Grandpa Dugo. I nod. In less than a second, I am somehow on top of Grandpa Dugo’s shoulder. Po Huir at that mean time just follows his fellow sect members and the referee appears not to be caring too much of this turn of event. Perhaps, this referee might have just known what is going on as well. Those audience are jeering for that the anticipated fights of the genius to end that abruptly. With speed, Grandpa Dugo just vanishes into thin air. Whoosh! It seems that we have arrived somewhere in a jungle. Jeslyn is scared off with the fact that how fast Grandpa Dugo can traveled and as of me I am starting to get used to it for Grandpa Dugo appears to be an entity that defied the logic of a cultivator in any sense.

Now we are somewhere at the top of the a tree enjoying the bird’s-eye view. At this scene, what I can see is that this old man is fighting with a few people don with black clothes. So sneaky. This old man manifests his aura and all of the black-clothed people appear to be scared. I wonder what realm is that old man at? I ask Grandpa Dugo, “What realm is that old man at?” “peak of the 5th realm,” Grandpa Dugo answers. I am left speechless with that answer. Nevertheless, the hesitation die down and these people strike the old man. The old man extends out his right hand and a phantasm of a snake appears coiling around his right arm. This old man strikes one of the black-clothed people. The black-clothed people with speed quickly takes out a sword and blocks it. The phantasm snake jumps from the old man’s hand to the black-clothed people’s sword. The phantasm snakes breaks the sword upon coiling it. The black-clothed people quickly releases the grip of the sword but the phantasm snake’s tail has hold onto the fingers of the black-clothed people. At this very moment, the rest of the black-clothed people starts their offence by using the best skill they have. One of them drawing chi towards the sword, one chanting something and the other one infusing chi towards the talisman. The old man knows that time is not with his favor and more will pursue him. He has to finished the fight fast.

Stomping onto the ground, the hard ground appears to be turning softer. The three of them have their concentration broken off as they are sinking into the ground. Seeing the fact that these three are not trying to fly to escape proves that they have not reached 4th realm. Conserving his chi, the old man moves to the position of those three people and strikes them with pure brute force, sending all three of them towards the person that is struggling with the phantasm snake. Upon colliding, the snake extends itself and coils around all four of them. Struggling, one of them says while laughing, “Haha, we may have lost but our mission is counted as accomplished. It is your lost Han Chong.” The old man , Han Chong is not vary pleased with the word but what the black-clothed people said appears to be correct. Han Chong sighs while saying, “The juniors of the Black Suppression Sect does live up to its reputation.”


Narrator’s POV

Various sects and clan members start running to the forest. Po Huir ask Fo Shen, “Master, what has happened for every single members of the sect and clan members at the tournament to moving the forest?” Fo Shen answers, “That Han Chong has gone senile. To think that he has the courage of a dragon to dare to steal all the prizes but this is actually quite a good thing. When we starts the fight, we can kill some the enemies from the other sects and the clan’s representatives when we are getting the items.” Po Huir hearing the sentence, smiles as he is thinking of something. Not long everyone has reached the designated place. Everyone is giving a smile as they know this fight will turn out to be bloody but the rewards are definitely high. “Everyone, I think that we should take down our common enemies first, Han Chong. We all know that Han Chong is definitely stronger than all of us,” says Fo Shen. Everyone nods or smiles as a sign they are agreeing. “Shall we attack,” Fo Shen says. Waving his hand down, many of the sects and clan members send their lower potential juniors to wear down Han Chong.

Han Chong laughs as he knows his demise is here and the question is how many people will be buried with him here. Han Chong summons phantasm snakes all over his body as he levitate to the sky. Everyone harness their chi and channel it into their weapon. They then project their chi using their weapon as a medium towards Han Chong. Han Chong sends out his phantasm snakes to defend the chi attack. The phantasm snakes overpowering the chi attacks make their descend towards the cultivators of the sects and clan members. The phantasm snakes coil around all the juniors. While the elders display their might by using their chi to counteract the phantasm snakes that are trying to coil onto them, the phantasm snakes coil and squeeze the juniors to death. Only some genius of the sect and clan are given some life-saving treasure to protect themselves from the attack. Just trading one blow and that many young ones die from the attack.

Han Chong then makes his descend to the ground. Just as his heels make contact with the ground, the ground starts to shake as if they are excited with the arrival of Han Chong. The ground shakes and crumbles into more finer particles. Stomping towards the ground, Han Chong sends the tiny fine particles upwards clouding everyone’s sight. Meanwhile, the elders of the clan and sects prepares their ultimate moves that make them who they are today. Fo Shen uses his the combination attack of his Rock Strengthening Arts with Giant’s Might Sabre style. Mo Wu uses his art of enchantment, 5 Style Pentagram. Chen Da uses his Inferno Style while Han Chong uses Ophidian’s Holocaust art. The juniors that have survive from the previous attack starts to run away from the fact. After all, everyone values their own life. The only one that remains in Po Huir. Po Huir moves a bit away from the scene but his figure is still visible from the elders.

Using Ophidian’s Holocaust first stance, vortexes appear below every elders. The siphoning force is so great that so some of the elders lose their footing. Under the suction force, a python like shape made up of sand appears of it and drag the elders down. The only ones that have survive are Chen Da, Mo Wu and Fo Shen. Fo Shen uses his two-handed technique accompanying with his tyrannical strength of his arm to do a vertical slash. The vertical slash carries so much weight in it giving it a highly penetrative force. Chen Da with his hand infused with chi hits onto the ground. The chi travels through the ground and towards Han Chong. Upon reaching Han Chong, the chi disperses making the ground much more denser with fire essence. Mo Wu smiles as one point of the pentagram shines red in color. Making some seals, chanting some words and then some items appear out of Mo Wu’s hand. Han Chong at this moment humphs at this petty movements of theirs. It looks like to him that these three must be so confident is killing him that they are trying their best in conserving their strength for their own fight. Han Chong just knows the right trick in making them fight for their life just that using it there will be no turning back after using the skill.

<<  T.O.C >>


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