Chapter 12- Surprising Everyone

Chapter 12- Surprising Everyone

Rancer’s POV

This time it seems that I am fighting against Chen Yi. I manage to discover this contestant’s profile. It appears that this guy is the son of the grand elder, Chen Da of the Fire Revolution Sect. It appears that this Chen Yi is significantly weaker than Mo Ling as Chen Yi just recently make an entry to the second real. However, Chen Yi being the son of the grand elder Chen Da, Chen Yi is given a lot of common divine artifact just that I do not know what level of the divine artifact it is? The divine artifact ranking is also similar to the ranking of the alchemy herb with the grading from Common, Earth, and finally Heaven. The difference that Common Grade divine artifact has it its grading as well. Each grading has ten levels with Level 1 being the weakest.

I guess I should be wary of this Chen Yi. The fight starts off with Chen Yi backing off right at the edge of the ring. Taking out two daggers from the sleeve, Chen Yi throws one of the daggers at me. It appears that this Chen Yi has taken quite a lot of preparation and strategy in taking his opponent down. With the dagger coming straight to me, I have no way but to deviate my straight path towards Chen Yi. Knowing that I will not make it in time after dodging the dagger, I make a strategic retreat backwards to see what Chen Yi is going to do. Chen Yi makes a small cut with the remaining dagger on his finger. 5 drops of blood can be seen dropping downwards to a small stack of papers. On the papers, there are some weird drawings inscribed onto it. The papers burn down rapidly upon contact with the blood. 5 fire shaped like balls appear. The fire balls morph into a shape of a paper plane. Upon completing the transformation, Chen Yi moves his hand and using his finger, Chen Yi points at me. The 5 fire seeming like paper plane appears to start to move towards me. What an absurd thing is this?

Not wanting to wait any longer, I starts to make this ‘paper planes’ to stray away from colliding me but it seems all is in vain. These ‘paper planes’ appears to have a homing abilities. Knowing that I cannot outrun these ‘paper planes’, I have to formulate a new plan. It is do or die now. I have to bet on the sword that Grandpa Dugo has given me. Crossing my fingers, deep down, I really hope that this sword should be at some divine artifact and not some cheap ordinary mortal sword. Taking the quick draw stance, I slice the ‘paper planes’ in succession. It appears my bet is correct as the sword is much sharper and durable than expected. There is no resistance or what so ever when I slice through the ‘paper planes’. The ‘paper planes’ split into halves upon sliced and the fire energy in it is greatly dissipated into the thin air. The next moment, it slumps downwards like an airplane without fuel and is flying downwards with a head on collision. However, when I am at the fight, I notice something so disturbing.

I can see many cultivators salivating as they see me drawing my  sword. Is my sword that great? Chen Yi is shocked with the occurrence. Chance! Not letting this one of, I dash forward while Chen Yi appears to be recovered from the shock. Not knowing in what to do, Chen Yi starts to move like a bull losing its owner to lead him. With ease, Chen Yi is within my sword reach. It will not be a desirable victory if I make an enemy of every contestor as I know there is a senior backing up every young cultivators in this tournament. With a slight force, I use my sword to make a small shallow cut in hope in instilling fear in Chen Yi. This way I can win this fight easier without offending the senior. The next moment left me baffled. My sword is unable to deal the damage that I desired. Ting! My sword bounces off from his body. A Common divine armor!

At this turn of moment, I can see the fear in his face slowly turning into a sly smile. I have been tricked. Before I managed to recover from the reality, Chen Yi has started his counterattack. Taking out a pipe, Chen Yi takes out a tube and place one of the open end of the tube into his mouth and blows. Many fine like objects shoots out with speed but nevertheless the speed is still what I can still cope up with. Slicing the air with my sword, a crescent of air is propelling forward counteracting the fine needles. Sadly, Chen Yi has greatly looks down on me for my reaction speed is way faster compared to a normal human cultivator after-all I am a magical beast. Many of the needles are deflected off from its original path pushing it towards the ground. I am mystified by how potent this acid is as the sizzling sounds can be heard when the needles make their contact with the floor forming so many small fine holes. Unfortunately, some of the needles have not stray off from its path. With no choice, I have to use my sword to deflect the attack making my sword to appear to be porous paining my heart. A fine sword is now lost its glory and luster. With my sword losing its function and the uncertainties in the function of his upcoming weapon troubles me a lot. I have so many choices but I do know what to choose for I am lacking information. It appears that I have to use it.

Channeling and willing my chi into chi pulse to my hand, I draw the fire essence around me towards my palm. I reach out for my inner soul where my alchemy flame is residing. Resonating the alchemy flame with the flame essence and the chi, the alchemy flame ignites. I coat both my hand with the Ordinary flame over my chi and raise the flame to the out-most temperature. Everyone outside of the arena is shocked once again when I use my Ordinary flame. After a few seconds, many of the elders are brimming with a creepy smile of theirs. Chen Yi knows that he cannot win against me as he has no chi to protect him from this heat. Chen Da then signals Chen Yi to admit lost. Chen Yi is stunned for the moment and just jump off the platform. After that, I go off from the platform as well but I am starting to get so many weird gazes from the people like they are a pack of hungry wolves just encountering their prey. Some are even panting uncontrollably which sends down shiver to spine. Chen Yi can be seen to be arguing with Chen Da but after Chen Da whispers something to Chen Yi, Chen Yi seems to calm down. A gaze this time is fixated at me but with a deep intention of killing me. I turn around and look at the direction for which I find out is Po Huir.


Po Huir’s POV

I still remember vividly those days where I was living happily with my family members. It was all a fine day when I was celebrating my five years old birthday. All of the sudden at that very moment, I felt as if the limitation of my body was removed at that day and my body is somehow assimilating with the unknown energy that I have no idea about. Later do I know that very event is the event that has caused catastrophe to not just my family but the whole village. At that time, I could see a faint human figure floating on the sky pausing for a while. I wondered whether I was dreaming or not, I rubbed my eyes, only to see that it may all be just my imagination. The next few weeks is abnormally weird. At times, my body involuntarily released this thick black pungent liquid and my body appeared to be tougher after this occurrences. I was scared with the mutated body that I had and I kept a secret about it only to myself. After 2 months, at that one night, the quiet serene night turns into one of the worse and bloody night. The bandits had struck. Being powerless, outnumbered and unprepared, the fight goes on with all the men of the village dead from defending from the bandits. The bandits kept the children at one place and it appears they will add some to their group and selling the rest as slaves to the kingdom. It was celebrations for the bandits for they were reaping off their rewards now. Some hastened in pulling down their pants and dragged some women my their hair. However, what can the women do? They had their hands tied together at their back and cloth inserted into their mouths to prevent the women to try to suicide by biting off their tongues. It was a crazy night watching so many aunties, mother, elder sister to be sullied by the bandits. Man after man, each woman servicing multiple of them. They cried and their face was so unsightly but the bandits took it with pleased and firing up their passion. I could not take it anymore. GOD! Why are you so cruel? My answer was answered.

A powerful aura was emitted from above and this man-made his descent from the sky. The bandits were frightened by the mind-defying capabilities of this man. Scared witless, some even began to run and desert the rest of the group. He waved his hand and multiple bandits were knocked airborne. The impact upon landing onto the floor with such force kills many of them. More and more realized the severity of the situation. Chaos and disorder among the group of bandits was sown. The leader shaking in fear said, “TThis isss not…” His sentence was not fully delivered and the man swiftly killed the leader. The man crouched down and asked me, “Kid, do you want to be strong?” With determination, I nodded. I then learn that this man is called Fo Shen and was an elder of the Tough Rock sect. Fo Shen then take me as his personal disciples and I overjoyed with this fact as this means that I can progress way faster compared to the normal disciples. Fo Shen gives me this manual called Rock Strengthening arts. It was the very manual and arts that the founder used to gain the prestige that the sect has. The art involves one to train everyday and the pain in immensely high. First, I strengthened both my hand first. I dipped both my hand to the hot scorching and rough sand till my elbow level. The sand revolved my hands and the rough sand kept rubbing against my hand. The first day there were so many tears and cuts on my hands. I resolved myself to get stronger although there was so much pain. After 6 months of pure torture, I had managed to make my hand so tough but my hands are heavy. I trained and trained but I could not seem to breakthrough to the third realm. I went to pay my respect to my teacher and he appeared to be in a drunken state. Fo Shen said, “Ah son, come here. Do you know about that kid that I have taken as a disciple. I cannot fathom that his talent is that great to be handpicked by the founder to become his disciple. HAHA! I cannot believe my plan for hiring the bandits appears to be correct…” After hearing till the bandits part, I am infuriated with the fact that all the mess was caused by Fo Shen. I then left the sect under the reason off seeking experience. For 4 months, I hunted high and low for the remnants of the bandits and it appeared that the vice-leader had not taken part in that night’s activity and was not dead yet. Being the new group leader, he had reformed the group. I hunted the group down and managed to find out the truth. However, I could not kill Fo Shen yet as I knew the disparity in the power between us. I had to get stronger than him to seek revenge.

I have trained until all this time. Now, I at the mid level 3rd realm cultivator and I heard that there is a competition and the prizes are fantastic. I am picked to join the competition and the competition is a piece of a cake. It is then when a vermilion colored hair child appears. the weapon that he draws out make Fo Shen to be shock and then he draws out an alchemy flame. Fo Shen seeing that I am his next opponent then tells me, “You are a lucky kid for the your next contestor has this self-growing sword. This self-growing sword grows with the owner. Therefore, the sword is compatible with the owner. ” I see a glimmer of hope in getting stronger. I must have it as this will make me more stronger. The fight starts. All of a sudden, someone arrives with great speed and stops directly besides elder Fo Shen. This woman whispers something into Fo Shen’s ear. The next moment, more and more mysterious people all reaching the arena and informing their respective master. All of them slams the table hard and give a glance to one another, then nodded.

<<  T.O.C >>


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