God of Ring

Chapter 1- Denied

After seeking out the truth, Kong Yi decides that he will break into the Gods’ Pantheon. However, reaching the Gods’ Pantheon is never that easy or else many immortals would have reached it. The Gods have set up multiple arrays to bar any immortals to make an entry to the heaven. Kong Yi knows it is time to attain knowledge and strength to surpass the limits. Kong Yi visits his friends and seeks for their knowledge. First, Kong Yi visits Confucius, the Great Sage, unparalleled in knowledge. Kong Yi seeks tutelage from Confucius and beg Confucius to become his disciple. Confucius being the Great Sage clearly can through his intentions. A determination and also a deep thirst which Confucius deem that Kong Yi is a dangerous being. Using an the art of enchantment, Confucius agrees to take Kong Yi as a disciple if he can pass through his trial. This trial is called the Inner Desire trial. Confucius is bewildered with the fact that Kong Yi wants to defy Heaven’s will by charging himself into the Gods’ Pantheon and Kong Yi does not pass the trial. To show his sincerity, Kong Yi kneels down for a millennium. Confucius seeing Kong Yi’s determination just sighs and accepts Kong Yi as a disciple. Confucius being a Great Sage often mixes his preaches among his lesson. Confucius is elated for the change he can see for he has managed to stir Kong Yi off the path. However, sadly, Confucius deeply looks down upon Kong Yi. Kong Yi’s perseverance is what has gotten him to the peak and Kong Yi just perfectly hides his inner-self which even the proclaimed Great Sage is tricked. Confucius is happy to impart every knowledge he knows to Kong Yi. It has taken millions of years to absorb all of the knowledge from Confucius but Kong Yi feels that it is all worth it. Upon achieving the goal of his, Kong Yi thanks Confucius and takes his leave.

Next, Kong Yi invites his friend, Sun Wukong. It is through Sun Wukong that he knows more about gods. After all, Sun Wukong is one of the gods. Before Sun Wukong becomes a God, Kong Yi and Sun Wukong have gone life and death situations together which made them to establish the brotherhood relationship. Kong Yi has once asked Sun Wukong for the reason how Sun Wukong was able to attain godhood which defies the law. Sun Wukong tells Kong Yi that Sun Wukong is not a being that was supposed to be on the Nuwa continent. Sun Wukong is originally destined to be a God but sadly an incident occurs. In the end, Yu Huang, the Jade Emperor himself has to rectify the mess and acknowledge Sun Wukong as a God. Kong Yi tells Sun Wukong his plan and Sun Wukong is happy to assist his sworn brother in becoming a God. Through Sun Wukong, Kong Yi learns the strongest martial arts of the world, Mantra. Sun Wukong even gives Kong Yi a jade spear specially crafted by the Jade Emperor himself. With everything prepared, Kong Yi use the art of astronomy to find the time where the barrier is the weakest and this moment will take place in the next 1245 years.

1245 years pass by as the world is at its most tranquil moment. The sun eclipse has come. Kong Yi knows he has an exact time of 7 minutes and 31 seconds to finish all of this or he will face the wrath of all the God. Kong Yi chants his mantra while he is riding onto the jade spear. Kong Yi levitate at a breakneck speed towards the sky. 5 seconds has passed. Using his profound knowledge, Kong Yi strikes the weakest spot. in just 15 seconds, Kong Yi has arrived at Gods’ Pantheon. The first ever immortal who have done it. An immortal that Gods disdain has entered their sacred ground. However, sadly, no one seems to notice as why is there a need for a guard as the Gods would have never though that the immortals could have breached into their land. The Gods’ Pantheon is so large and one will have gotten lose without help. Luckily, Sun Wukong has given him the map. Even when flying at the limit, Kong Yi takes 3 minutes and 40 seconds to reach the Gods’ archive. This place is the place that even Sun Wukong cannot enter at whim and the knowledge he can take is limited and checked by the Jade Emperor. A total of 4 minutes has passed since the operation. The archive, Kong Yi has finally reached. Using 30 seconds, Kong Yi bypass the barrier. As Kong Yi starts to transfer the knowledge from the archive to his head. The alarm rings. The Gods’ Pantheon is thrown disarray.

Since the creation of the heaven, no such alarm has rung. Someone has breached the barrier of the archive and this is a serious offence. Upon hearing the alarm, Kong Yi uses his utmost mental strength to absorb the information. The operation has lasted for 5 minutes by now. Gods are storming in. They are stunt for in front of them is an immortal. Kong Yi smiles for now he has the knowledge of the world. He knows the ways in becoming a God. The first way is gather karma and in the next reincarnation only can one becomes a God. There is a second way but one must practice this cultivation technique since young. While mentioning the Mantra, Kong Yi runs to the wheel of reincarnation. That is his target to be reincarnated with his memories intact.

He first starts his Void Spear arts. He pierces through those Gods at the archive. With a one hit one kill, Kong Yi slays off all the Gods and proceed out. More and more Gods obstruct him. Kong Yi has no choice to self-destruct the jade spear. The explosion manage to push back every Gods by at least kilometers away from the impact. Meanwhile, Kong Yi using the explosion to propel himself nearer to the wheel of reincarnation. 6 minutes 32 seconds, Kong Yi has reached the wheel of reincarnation. Without hesitation Kong Yi jumps into the wheel of reincarnation. Just as Kong Yi enters the wheel of reincarnation, a green radiance of light made its appearance. However, all is for a naught, even the Jade Emperor cannot reverse the time flow. Kong Yi has succeeded.

The Jade Emperor calls for the trinity meeting. The trinity meeting consists of the Jade Emperor, Lord of the Primordial beginning, Lingbao Tianzun, Lord of the Numinous Treasure and lastly Daode Tianzun, Lord of Virtue. The meeting is by far the most serious one of all for an immortal has trespassed their land and even steal all their knowledge. After an agreement, they find for Kong Yi’s soul. Although they cannot shatter his soul, they can curse his soul as a punishment.

Somewhere in the void, there lies a soul so huge that every single soul moves away from it and that soul is Kong Yi. Being not drinking the bittersweet drink from Meng Po, Kong Yi does not forget anything at all. Therefore, Kong Yi’s soul is abnormally large for the soul is housing all the memories and knowledge. In this void, Kong Yi has felt that as if time had stopped. Drifting across the void, Kong Yi feels so bored. All his boredom comes to an end as his soul suddenly constricts. The pain is unbearable as words are branding onto his soul. “Kid, you have thick nerve to trespass the Gods’ Pantheon and steal all the knowledge on the Gods’ archive. For that reason, we have agreed to punish you in the worst possible way. Your soul has been cursed which can never be removed,” the Jade Emperor says.

Since Kong Yi has dived into the wheel of reincarnation, the Gods can no longer decides where he is going to reincarnate and what he is going to reincarnate. The only thing that can do is to curse his soul. The Jade Emperor curses Kong Yi to have a bad starting point. Lingbao Tianzun curses Kong Yi to never have good luck in obtaining treasure. Daode Tianzun curses Kong Yi to be extremely filial to his parents. Jade Emperor then inquires the God in charge of reincarnation on where Kong Yi is reincarnating in and it turns out to be Shidrora continent. Jade Emperor laughs for the misfortune that Kong Yi has.

Somewhere in Shidrora, a man is sighted out of the wooden house. If one is to see it from the bird’s eye view, one can see the population is quite sparse. The number of the almost identical wooden houses is only amount to about hundred. A village. Going back to the man, one can see the nervousness in his face. Sweat beads forming as the time passes on with eerie silence. Nyeik! Nqek! This sound has destroyed the silence and the man is beyond jubilant. Without being called, he pushes the door to see what the newborn child. Seeing that the child is a male, the father names him Kong Yi.

Meanwhile, Kong Yi remains unfazed but he tries to pretend as a child for he knows if he does not cry, the people will seem him as abnormal and he can possibly die early. Kong Yi starts to train in the art of Mantra but he cannot. He is first shocked but sorting out his knowledge theta he has gained in the archive. They is only one place where he cannot use Mantra. Shidrora. Kong Yi quickly looks at the ring at his parents’ finger ring. He knows that he is going to have a tough and thorny path in becoming a God. He gives off a smile and mentally says to himself, “Just you wait, Jade Emperor.”

Little does Kong Yi knows that the smile of his is taken that he likes the name that his father has given to him.

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  1. Thank you. This is like an oneshot story similar to the oneshot manga. If there is enough or sufficient views, then I turn it into the story and I further revamp the story.


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