Chapter 11- Bout

Chapter 11- Bout

The price of entering the bout is 5 small chi stones. I wonder that is a lot. I pass this poster to Grandpa Dugo and I point it towards the price sections. “Okay, I get what you are trying to say. You can join it. Here are a pile of small  chi stones,” says Grandpa Dugo. Grandpa Dugo teaches me the denominations of the currency and the other functions that can be used beside its monetary value.

1000 low grade chi stone = 1 low grade chi core

1000 low grade chi core = 1 middle grade chi stone

1000 middle grade chi stone = 1 middle grade chi core

1000 middle grade chi core = 1 high grade chi stone

1000 high grade chi stone = 1 high grade chi core.

Both chi stones and core in any grade can be used to draw in chi faster compared to the surrounding. The only difference is that the higher the grade one is, the more dense the chi is and the faster release of chi. The only thing is that not many people are that the chi core at any grade is more frown on be used although they can certainly draw in more chi than the chi core on the same grade, more people use the chi stone more of an investment. This is because when a chi core embedded into the ground, the chi core will start to draw in chi from the surrounding. Upon releasing a certain saturation of chi in the chi core, the chi core will start to release the chi and form the chi stone. Therefore, chi core is more often used as an investment. I check just what is the exact amount of the small pill of low grade chi stone shock me down to the core. Grandpa Dugo is so rich. The small amount is actually 235 low grade chi stone. I drag Jeslyn and Grandpa Dugo to the registrar and register myself. After that, we seek for some accommodation at the inn for 3 low grade spirit stone for 3 of us in one room for three night. Jeslyn and me take an hour or so nap as the fatigue has caught up with us. After being energized, we head of the shops that there is in this place.

I first head off to the Alchemist shop. I cannot believe the Alchemist shop is selling the Icy Gale flame. I ask Grandpa Dugo to buy it for me. I am quite curious for how do this people capture the flame. It appears that one needs a unique flask enchanted with the suction force. The flask is made from a mixture pounded low grade chi stones dust, some metal and skins from the magical beasts. However, this flask can only contain lower tier alchemy flame. The Icy gale flame is an upgrade version of the Ordinary flame which is only used by alchemist. When the alchemist of Icy Gale flame, the alchemist can reduce the lower limit of the flame temperature by a whole 25 degrees Celsius when the alchemist is one a cold place. The alchemist can increase the upper limit of the Icy Gale flame by a whole 25 degrees Celsius when the alchemist is in a windy area. Therefore, this flame is not really particularly that good as this flame is more of a flame has conditions to be fulfilled to allow one to fully utilize its benefits causing the flame to ranked the third weakest alchemy flame. I cannot believe that such a weak flame would be charged at a hefty price of 800 low grade spirit stones. Judging by how Grandpa Dugo do not make any protest, the price should be reasonable. That is just the third weakest flame. I cannot imagine just how expansive will the top 5 alchemy flame suggested by grandpa Dugo. Now that I think about it, why didn’t  Grandpa Dugo just give me all the alchemy flame to absorb? Why does it makes me feel like I should get these flames on my own? Could it that he does not know of the secrets behind the Ordinary flame?

There is just so many question to ask but I do not know here to start with. Just maybe, I will ask him after the competition. As we move on, Jeslyn is in dazed and her eyes are clearly fixated on one thing. I look onto it. Could it be she has taken a fancy on that thing? I then excuse myself for a while saying that I need to heed to call of the nature. I buy it and keep it till we reach the inn. After that, I will try to surprise her with it. After moving here and there, we buy some clothing and weapons. I restock my sword and present one sword to Jeslyn to keep for herself. The clothing consists of normal cloth and vest that can defect ordinary sword attack. After we take our bath, we have our dinner. As we are preparing ourselves to sleep, I am ready to shock her. I wonder what face is she going to make. As I take out it, I say, “Jeslyn, look what I got for you.” Jeslyn gasp in shock for she does not expect that I will have bought it for her, “UU…” she remains speechless. “Here, do you want me to help you to put it one. She nods shyly but also in joy. I put on the hairpin onto her hair. I also notice that as time goes on, my ribbon that I give her can no longer be used to tie her hair as it is too short. Therefore, I also buy another ribbon with the colour of light green for light green is her favorite colour. After putting on the hairpin, I give her the ribbon for keepsake. She quickly takes a look at the mirror to see how she look like. She appears that she is beyond happy. She then pecks me on the forehead with her lips. Could this be an upgraded way of a form of saying thank you? After that, somehow my body goes disarray. My body starts to feel the heat being generated uncontrollably. What is this feeling? Soon, this heat begins to subside. So weird. I shrug off the feeling and just sleep.

The next two days pass off with nothing much to say. I just stay at the inn and hone my skill to my out most limit. Preparing myself, Jeslyn just mediates and cultivates as she can sense that this competition is fairly important for me. Two days have passed quickly for it is time for the competition. We head off to the arena. There are exactly 128 contestants. It appears that this competition will be quite a challenge for such an exuberant gift. Most of the gift are sponsored by the Alchemist and the Blacksmith association. It appears that this competition has a silent agreement among the seniors that they will allow the juniors to participate in this competition. Maybe, they are using this competition to establish each reputation. My first fight is with Mo Ling. due to the fact that I am magical beasts to begin with, I can pick up those murmurs. “This no name cultivator is going to beaten down and be step down by young master Mo Ling. Mo Ling is said to be the next clan master for he has reached the second realm two years ago,” says someone. Mo Ling being closer to the source of the murmur holds his head high with more pride. He even starts to act high and haughty. Arrogantly he says, “Be thankful of my grace. Quickly go out of the ring before it is too late.” I do not even give a damn about his babbling and just stand there for the competition to starts. The referee seeing that I am not backing down, he throws a side glance at me. Even the referee is having the same opinion with the public. Could it be being a foreigner cultivator is that weak? It is time to break down their stereotype. He is just a second realm cultivator.

3,2,1. Start! The referee moves backward then exits the ring for us to start our fight. Clearly, I think I have flipped his switch as Mo Ling is thinking that I am undermining his strength. In fury he shouts, “I am done in being kind with you. Fine! You want to play tough , right? I cripple you,’ Mo Ling says. I then goes on a stance of quick draw as  he starts his attack. He takes out a talisman and a dagger. With the dagger, he does a shallow cut and a drip of blood drops onto the talisman. The talisman burns and an energy seems to seep out of the talisman. The energy seems to coat Mo Ling as a whole and this energy seems familiar. Chi! How is it possible for a second realm for a cultivator to wield chi? Mo Ling is giving off a sinister laugh as he says, “Perhaps, are you scare now?” I give off a smirk and ridicule him by tapping into my chi reservoir to draw out the chi. I cover off my body with the chi. We starts our battle.

Both we know that using weapons are basically useless for the weapon can never pierce through a layer of coating of chi. Mo Ling throws a punch containing a coating of chi. I raise my left hand and perform a side guard. The attack is blocked but the chi from Mo Ling refills slower from mine. From here, I know that offense will be the best defense in this case. I throw a punch with more chi towards his face. Mo Ling guards it with two hands. At this moment when his vision is severely restricted, I use a low kick to throw him off-balance. The side kick manage to bent his knee as the kick manage to hit at the area behind his knee cap. Slightly bending one of his knee, I finish him off with a kick on the torso sending him flying backwards. The close quarter combat is effective in reducing the chi. It seems that the talisman has a set amount of chi stored into it. Panicking as Mo Ling notices that the chi is waning while mine is still having an even coating of chi. He irrationally shouts, “You better give up or Mo clan will hunt and kill anyone that you knows.” Mo Ling is basically so stupid. I then will the chi into ten fine needles and shoot off towards him. That is right, during this whole trip I have managed to learn chi manipulation. He evades 5 chi needles while the 5 hits onto him. The 3 chi needles are being dispersed by the chi covering Mo Ling. The last two needles manage to hit him. On of them hits onto his body making a small puncture as this chi needle is making its way out of Mo Ling’s body. The other one impale his meridians. Probably this attack has torn one of his meridians which probably stunts his cultivation potential in the future. Mo Ling groans in pain as this attack has damaged him severely and slumps to the ground with his face towards the ground.

I can see a group of people are beyond furious and from there I can infer that they are from the Mo clan. One of them stands up and says, “Kid, be grateful that you can die from my attack.” “Mo Wu, please remember of your status. Just count that Mo Ling is unlucky. If you are to lower yourself, your Mo clan’s reputation will be tainted,” says one of the figure. Mo Wu clenches his fist and then smiles while saying, “Kid, watch out when you are walking alone.” Wow! This guy is threatening me in the public. However, I am going to care about such thing for I know Grandpa Dugo will protect me. 63 challengers left! The ultimate prize must be mine.

<<  T.O.C >>


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