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Chapter 19- …

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Chapter 18- Representative!

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Chapter 18- Representative!

Kardo’s POV

The fight was truly interesting. Rancer’s deception was world class. If not for the fact that I had known that he had trained under master, I would have been thinking the same as the crowd. Now, even Janel was paying attention to Rancer. What shocked me the most was that master had even taught Rancer the lightning pulse. Depending on the user, it could be a frightening ability. After on, I gave my usual annual speech. Briefing them about the next event which was the selection of the representatives for the first years. I then spoke about the perks that these representatives would be able to receive which was almost on par with the inner court disciples. I could see many of them aspiring to be one of them but reality can be really harsh at times like this. Then, I spoke about the inner court exam. The restrictions are that the inner court disciples must have been an outer court disciple for a minimum of a year and be in the top 100 in order to take part in the exam. I knew that many would not want to risk themselves challenging the seniors or those stronger than them whether in power or the superior networks of their seniors. After all, cultivating as an outer court disciples is pretty decent with the resources the sect was providing. Therefore, here comes the second rule stating that if the outer court disciples cannot make it as an inner court disciples in 3 years. The outer court disciples will be kicked out of the sect and be a guardian. Being a guardian for the sect may have some prestige but surely one’s cultivation speed will gradually slump. This rule will greatly increase the competitiveness of each one of the disciples. After all, every year, the sect accepts a rough estimate of 300 people causing less than one ninth to make it through this dog eat dog world. Continue reading “Chapter 18- Representative!”

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Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival

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Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival

Rancer’s POV

It is a good and comfy sleep as I wake up to find that most of my fatigue has subsided. Doing some light exercises as I am trying to get use to my tiger form as soon as possible. It is just so weird for me to move awkwardly in my tiger form. I walk out of my room and then I see this tigress. One word says it all. Beautiful. The ears colored pale yellow with some hint of pale red makes me want to nimble that ear. The eyes are like the devil’s seduction, so alluring it can drag out your soul out of your body. The body colored golden-yellow carrying a hint of majestic aura making the male tiger want to be step on by this tigress. The tail with stripes makes the whole set complete. Wait a minute. This is not supposed to be me. I am not such a perverted person. Blame it on my animalistic urges of mine. Yup! I wonder every male suffers this problem of mine. How can I still take off my eyes from Jeslyn and look at another girl? Continue reading “Chapter 17- A New Potential Rival”



Zern says, “Let’s go, brothers. Today, is the day we shall seek the ultimate peace for humanity.” Zern pushes the gigantic gate that appears to be super heavy. In front of them, lays a man sitting on the throne. This man bears this bored look and says in a sarcastic way, “Finally, the humans have arrived.” All of them starts their attack onto this man.
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Chapter 16- The Divine Tiger Sect

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Chapter 16- The Divine Tiger Sect

Rancer’s POV

On our way to the Divine Tiger Sect, Grandpa Dugo then feeds me with some history of the founder and he does not sound quite please. Apparently, the founder was already a step towards death. Grandpa Dugo sees his perseverance and his potential. Grandpa Dugo feels sad for this potential genius for the tiger species dying here. Therefore, Grandpa Dugo healed him and taught him a few techniques. Never would Grandpa Dugo thought that the founder will make a name in the immortal plane.
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