Chapter 9- Discovery!…

Chapter 9- Discovery!…

Rancer’s POV

It is early in the morning when I have started to consolidate my power as I have continuously impacted a few sub-levels in succession causing instability in my cultivation. I have been warned by Grandpa Dugo not to impact the next sub-level for at least half a year for my cultivation or that in the future I will suffer a harder bottleneck for each sub-level that I try to breakthrough if I did. Now, that I recalled I should be around two years old. I wonder when Grandpa Dugo will send me to the sect. Immersed in my thought, I feel that the fire essence in the air is waning. Could it be a water-based Earthly treasure or an alchemy flame is borne? Treasures’ ranking is almost exactly the same as alchemy herbs’ ranking just that there are no common ranking treasure. When a treasure is making its appearance, the treasure will start to heavily emit its element essence causing a surplus in that specific element. For example in this case, this treasure is said to be water-based as the treasure will emit the surplus of water essence. The surplus will counteract with the surrounding fire essence causing the fire essence in the place to be severely lacking. What is an alchemy flame? An alchemy flame is said to flames that can be wielded by cultivators to make pills or assist them in a fight. For an alchemy flame to be borne, the minimum requirement is that the place must have at least bearable amount of fire essence in the place or above. The other sub-requirements are what give the true nature of the alchemy flame. However, judging from the magnitude of the commotion, I can infer that this is just some low-level Earthly treasure or some weak alchemy flame. Still, no matter how weak, this alchemy flame can never be weaker than mine and the treasure may be weak but there may still be some value in it. (Note: 1 to 3 is low, 4 to 6 is moderate/middle, 7 to 9 is high and 10 is peak)

I head off to the origin of this disturbance. The disturbance has caused many animals in the forest to shiver in fear. Many stayed in their den. With no obstacles, I have reached to the heart of the forest which appears to be place where it is the origin of the fluctuations. With me are some magical beasts greedily waiting for the fluctuations to stop. My heart wrenches in pain. An alchemy flame, it appears that God is making a fool out of me. WHY! At this moment, the magical beasts started to band together in eliminating me first before they contend with one another for that I have a human appearance. Already angered with the appearance of the alchemy flame, these magical beasts want to attack me. Great! Now, I have someone to release my wrath over the reluctance that fate has decided for me. I summon my alchemy flame and clad it to my sword. Using my application, a crescent of air is formed as I performed my slash just that this time a thin coat of alchemy flame is riding on top of the crescent of air. The damage will have been minimal or non-existence if they are to be at 2 stars 5 stripes and above. Sadly none of them are at that level. The alchemy flame appears to deal quite some damage to the magical beasts. Some upon knowing that they are not my match has run away. Only one has left behind. It is a magical snake. Slithering, the snake observes my every single movement. Ordinary flame, which is what my alchemy flame is called, I then use a fifty percent of my chi in the reservoir to summon the Ordinary flame. The Ordinary flame is so large to the size comparable to a watermelon. The snake shrieks and escapes as its instinct tells it that this is a dangerous attack. Now that the target is gone, I have no target left to throw and I cannot cancel it or dissipate it. It is then when my eyes meet the blue flame. That’s right the second weakest flame after the Ordinary flame. It is called Clean Blue flame for its characteristic of burning the things cleanly not leaving any soot and its secondary requirement is to be in a more quiet and tranquil environment. If none of the secondary requirement is cleared, the alchemy flame produced would have been Ordinary flame. Being unable to hold the Ordinary flame any longer, I launched it to the Clean Blue Flame. Take that, I will make sure that my Ordinary flame will engulf you and make this flame disappear.

Although I know it is fairly impossible to dissipate or engulf an alchemy flame, I still wish for this alchemy flame to be dissipated or be engulfed by my alchemy flame. Neither is possible. Engulfing the Clean Blue flame? That will be the funniest joke in the whole alchemy association as the Ordinary flame’s strength is the weakest but miracle do happen. The Ordinary flame starts to overpower the Clean Blue flame. The Ordinary flame starts its divide and conquers strategy. Cornering and becoming into one entity. Finally, the Ordinary flame has won. The Ordinary flame then disperses. I summon it again to find whether my flame has shown signs of abnormality. However, it do not show any sign at all. It is the same old reddish-orange flame but then I notice that something is clearly different and I cannot seem to describe it. I use the Ordinary flame to burn the tree and here I notice the difference. The Ordinary flame has assimilated the feature of the Clean Blue flame!!! What’s more is that it appears that the temperature of the flame can be deviated by a whole 55 degrees Celsius increasing my previous range of temperature by 10 degrees Celsius. That could mean that now my chances of becoming an Alchemist Junior is higher. A discovery, Eureka!!!
A hypothesis is created. What if my Ordinary flame can engulf the rest of the flame and assimilate their characteristic, then would I not have the strongest and the most useful alchemy flame of the world let it be in battle prowess or in pill making. There is a glimmer of hope which heavily reinforces my determination. I shall be going for an Alchemy Flame Hunting.

After all of this, I will of course never forget about the dantian of the magical beast. Upon finishing collecting them, I move back along the path to the village. I give a smug face and Jeslyn appears to be irritated at my face. Before she starts to hit me, I send a divine sense to Taratos, the artificial intelligence earing, “Quick, give me those dantian.” At the instant, a few dantian appears in front of me. I give it to her. She blushes as she says in stutter,” RR Are we not too young for this. To give dowry now, you have not even get permission from father yet.” “What is dowry? I thought that there is no need to ask your father. After all, these are dantian for cultivation. I did not know that you need to ask your father to cultivate. That is weird, “I say. The next moment, I wonder I have said something wrongly. The flushed pink face of her starts to turn cherry red. Without telling me, she kicks me at the middle of both of my legs. The pain does not subside and I am clutching to the area as it hurts. Hmph! She turns around and says a word so soft and quick that I nearly cannot catch up with. Dance. Dance? (Note: for those who cannot get it, what she meant is dense but Rancer just could not hear properly and mistook it as dance)

Not wanting to infuriate her any more, with one hand holding onto the area that is still in pain, I start to dance. Who have known that she starts to laugh? I hug her and say, “Finally, you are laughing.” Flustering for a while she says,”U You do not do that again, you stupid boy.” I just do not get her feeling. At one time she is happy, the next she becomes angry. I guess I should just keep some distance from her.

Grandpa Dugo’s POV

Today, as usual, I get my daily report from Taratos. As expected from my grandson, he even has such luck in this matter for he has found out true value in the Ordinary flame.  That is right among all the alchemy flame there is, one can only see that there is only one flame that has the colour similar the king of all flame, the Vermillion flame. The Ordinary flame can be said to be some relations with the Vermillion flame due to having the red and orange colour but then how can there be such a disparity in the Vermillion flame and the Ordinary flame. One is the king and the other one is a loser. However, there is a secret among the upper echelon that they know that can turn current mentality of the people regarding the Ordinary flame. This flame can be ordinary or non-ordinary depending on the owner. The non-ordinary part is that the Ordinary flame has the same ability as the Vermillion flame which is that they can engulf any flame just that the Ordinary flame the power difference between the flames must be very low. The ordinary part is that if one person knows of that ability of the Ordinary flame and have the intention to have this flame then the ability will not manifest making the owner to have a really ordinary flame. It is basically the same when it comes to sleeping when one does not force oneself to sleep then one can sleep. However, if you keep thinking and forcing yourself to sleep, you can never sleep unless your mind gets tired and then you fall asleep.

The problem regarding the flame is solved. I guess I should what I do as a grandpa for this stupid grandson of mine. Can’t he see that Jeslyn has fallen for him? Guess what I should take them on a trip to bond them together. At the same time, I should use this opportunity to elevate the trauma in Jeslyn. I then ask Chouno for his permission to bring his daughter out. Sadly, Chouno fairly disappoint me for he still has not overcome his dispirited state. Chouno just agree on the spot. Afterwards, I tell them to prepare to go out for a trip. I warn the villagers not to leave the village 2 kilometres from the village as I have erected an enchantment array that will keep them save if they stay inside the area. Here we are coming Minor City Wintermoor. I heard that there is something interesting going on which can potentially be good for my grandson.

Chapter 9- Discovery! Alchemy Flame Hunting

<<  T.O.C >>

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