Chapter 10- Country bumpkin meets City

Chapter 10- Country bumpkin meets City

Rancer’s POV

Wintermoor city. Although it may be a minor city, I am told by Grandpa Dugo that there is quite a population of people in this city. It may be called as a minor city but Wintermoor has a reputation and prestige rivaling the other major cities in the human continent. This mainly because Wintermoor is the only place that creates these limited merchandise for their climate and temperature is suitable for them. Therefore, many trade route are established and created for this purpose. Economically, Wintermoor may have been one of the top cities in generating revenue for the country but sadly, the environmental condition is too harsh for normal people or even the first realm level cultivators for the temperature may be extremely cold for others but since I have reached the third realm, such cold can hardly do anything. For Jeslyn, I can see that she is slightly cold. Once in a while, I will give her a piece of Scarlet Blaze Grass to chew on. The juice should provide her sufficient heat for at least three hours.

It is then I stumble across a group of Aqua Quartz Mushroom. Aqua Quartz Mushroom is a Level 3 Earthly Alchemy Herb. This mushroom absorbs the chi present in the air combined with the fact the surrounding is cold. The cold environment cause the mushroom evolve to adapt the surrounding condition. To further the change, the mushroom absorbs the chi and the chill causing the mushroom to harden. The Aqua Quartz Mushroom is used in the Skin Hardening Pill and the chi path strengthening pill.

I harvest some of the mushroom and keep it in Taratos. Then, as we move on, I notice that there is a pack of Icicleback Wolf. This wolf all have icicles on their back making their body a deadly weapon. Jeslyn starts to have her issue of her trauma again. I comfort her and say that she has to learn to at least protect herself in case that there is one time that she is left alone. I give her a dagger and my sword. I notice that all this wolf are around 2 stars 5 stripes to 2 stars 7 stripes.

Bracing myself, I clad both my hand with the Original flame and get myself ready in a fighting posture. Sadly, before I have even have the chance to prepare myself fully, these wolves have spread out themselves to attack three of us. Grandpa Dugo appears next to Jeslyn. With the profound chi that he utilize, he sweep it in a palm movement. Noticing that they are not his match, they start of from the weak which is me as Jeslyn is beside Grandpa Dugo. Heavens! What kind of grandpa pushes all of his enemies towards his grandson?

To begin a fight with such a numerical disadvantage is surely troublesome. Just as some of them approach me, I run towards a tree. Jumping and then projecting my leg to the tree, I attempt to get a good recoil. The recoil have helped me to release myself from the encirclement of wolvies. Knowing that their ordinary tactic of encircling their opponent has failed, they start to go all out. Losing their management is a good start.

I then slide down against the floor as the floor is laid down on the soft snow. Tackling one of the wolves with the Original flame as I am in contact with the wolf, I managed to disrupt its sense of balance and it’s pace. The wolf being knocked back collide with some of the other wolves at the back. As they others try to pounce onto me at my lying state, I channel some chi onto my heel. With a burst and explosion of speed, I dodge the attack. Using my head as the pivot, I rotate my whole body. Surrounding myself with Ordinary flame, I spin. The wolves are all one feet away from me as they are wary of me.

Using this moment, I get one sword from Taratos. Instantaneously I stop, moving to the nearest one, I impale this wolf with the sword at the belly. The sword manage to enter but I struggle to pull it out. Shit! This swords are going to be more of a one way trip impaling the wolves but I cannot remove it. I struggle and the sword snaps. I give up and withdraw backwards to access the current situation. “Taratos, how many swords do I have left.” I ask. “9,” Taratos give a short and brief answer but it is more than enough.

9 swords and 9 wolves. Just perfect. Another sword appears in front of me. I grab it on the hilt and continue my attack. The 9 starts to attack together as they know that attacking alone is tantamount to death. Knowing that I have to suffer some wounds in order to win, I try to ignore some of the least potential of capable of dealing fatal wound on me. Infusing some chi into the sword, I toss it like a javelin into one of the wolves that jumps towards me. Another two swords appear at my grasp. I defend myself but the slight brush of my swords with the wolves appear to be a poor judgement. How can an ordinary sword even do shallow wound on the harder area of a magical beast. The collision earlier has made my swords to have some cracks appearing. At that instant when I am at a lost of what to do, my body performs a rotational slash on instinct. A full circle of compress air move. Some wolves are knocked airborne. This is the God given opportunity. Infusing some chi into the sword, I throw it and then gather two more swords. With a greater speed, I impale the two swords. The speed proves to ease in piercing through the wolves but it is rather taxing for an ordinary human cultivators to do. 4 more to go.

The 4 remains on vigilance. Knowing that my chi reservoir is 70% used up. I know that it is high time to finish it of fast or I may suffer serious trouble. However, I opt for the safer plan which is to recover a portion of my lost chi since they are not planning to attack me head on. I start my breathing technique. I inhale the chi then drawing the chi into my chi reservoir. I start willing my chi to tune the chi absorbed into mine. Basically when one is at a state where they are low in chi, they will find it harder to recover the chi as they have less chi to convert the surrounding chi into theirs.
After a few minutes of standstill, I manage to recover a total of 12% of my chi and my confidence. Brimming with energy, these wolves notice that for every second they wait, they can notice that I am gaining more strength as time proceeds. Knowing that they have made a grave mistake and they cannot allow it to continue, the standstill is broken. The fight continues.

I stop drawing chi from the air. The 4 wolves howl. Noticing something is different, I hastily attack them and my instinct prove to correct. They are not moving at all as I approach one of them. Their icicles on their back is starting to turn red in colour. I draw more chi and speed to do a piercing attack. Their transformation proves to make their skin harder.
This is going to be a mess. As I manage to kill 3, I am rushing to the last one. It moves and there can only be one answer for this. The transformation is completed and I know how troublesome the transformation has been for me. The 3 of them require me to use more chi and speed to pierce through their skin for each successive wolf. Now there is still the last one.

Its speed and strength clearly has boosted as well. I clad myself in the Ordinary flame and attack him but sadly the skin is too tough to pierce through let alone cutting it. Jeslyn shouts, “Rancer, here, grab this sword.” Jeslyn tosses it and I get hold it. Now only do I know how to appreciate a good sword. This sword is the very sword that I have obtained during my first birthday and I notice the material of the blade is way tougher and flexible compare the sword that I previously use.
I perform a slash horizontally and a crescent of air is formed. I can feel that the crescent of air is sharper compared to the precious one. It manages to do shallow wound onto her wolf as the wolf manage to dodge backwards to made the crescent of air to spread out more reducing its sharpness. The result is still satisfactory as I manage to push it to the desired position. I manage pierce through the wolf and I laugh as I have secured a victory. The wolf appears to be unwilling to die alone as it sees a golden opportunity as I let my guard down, it moves it’s head. Knowing that it is too late to block the attack, I channel the Ordinary flame to the blade to burn his inner flesh. The perseverance of the wolf is astonishing as it still manage to take a bite off me at my shoulder which originally should have been the neck. Groaning in pain, I burn the flesh at higher temperature. Finally, it has dropped dead. I pop the blood clotting pill into my mouth to hasten the clotting of the damage.

I then drag myself and use my sword to harvest the icicles on their back. I then will my chi to make the icicles to float. Summoning the Ordinary flame, I burn the icicles to remove the impurities and harvest the droplets. I collect the droplets into a gourd. I continue the process until leaving the last four wolves. These droplets are definitely a good substitute for the Common Morning Dew. To be exact this droplets are named as Icy droplets and the effect almost similar to the Common Morning Dew just that it is much more potent and the Icy Droplet is ranked at Level 3 Earthly herb.
I then inquire what I should do with these four. Grandpa Dugo says that he is quite astonish with the fact that these wolves know how to do the ancient sacrificial ritual. This ritual can instantaneously boost the user in physical abilities and if they kill the sacrifices, they will permanently gain this boost. The drawback is that if they fail, they will lose 1 realm of their cultivation. Their icicles are even a better herb for they can replace any herbs’ function ranked Level 5 Earthly herb and below. I do the same with the icicles and keep it in another gourd. I keep the rest of the corpses into Taratos for future refining purposes.

With the obstacles gone, we are now exiting the forest. Wintermoor. It is definitely a sight to behold. The buildings are built layers on top of layers. There is a proper paved road. The geometry and precision of the arrangement of the buildings can be seen. A marvel. The people’s clothing is so luxurious. When admiring all of this, I fail to notice that my jaw drops down to show my appreciation for such civilization. I then snap out of it as I feel that someone is nudging me. I notice some of the surrounding people steal a glance to look at me while some snickers as they past through me. I feel so embarrassed for my antics.

It is at this moment, someone passes me a poster. Annual Bout! It is nothing but the prize is extraordinary. I must join it.

<<  T.O.C >>

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