Chapter 2- Grandpa Dugo and Me With Lots of Info

Chapter 2- Grandpa Dugo and Me With Lots of Info

Rancer’s POV

It has been a chaotic day. First of all, every one of the tiger pack die all except me and then something beyond comprehension happen before me that left me baffled. A human which then transformed into a tiger that had an almost similar fur colour of mine said that I should call him my grandfather. I mean like I have never heard of father talking about grandfather before. Could it be…..? Immersed in my thought, with my ‘angel’ and ‘devil’ side make their appearance and started their debate and give me a lot of conflicting ideas. So, should I trust him or should I not.

All of a sudden, someone yank my tail and spank my butt. I roar by instinct. I mean like I am the mighty tiger where almost all animals bow down to me like a peasant. Therefore, it is an insult to a tiger to be yanked on the tail and spanked on the butt. However, somehow this person was so skilful to do it like a human. A human! It can’t be…

“Snapped out it, will you?” Grandpa Dugo asked.

“Grandpa Dugo, did you do that? It’s rude and you hurt my pride as a tiger.” I answered with my tiger eyes. (My puppy eye version)

“Okay, I promised you that never do that again but you should know, my grandson, pride can kill a person. So, what do you want to do now, my boy?” Grandpa Dugo asked.

“I am no boy. I am a man, Grandpa. Grandpa, can I follow you?” I asked.

“Haha! You called yourself a man. I am pretty sure some manly tears of yours was about to break free from your eye, just now. Wanna go on a journey with your grandpa? Grandpa is quite strong you know.” Grandpa Dugo answered.

“Yay! A journey with Grandpapa. Lalala!” I hummed in a good mood.

Grandpa Dugo’s POV

I watch my cute grandson humming in joy. Still truly acting like kid when he heavily insist that he was a man before that. I do truly pity him for losing his parents in such a young child but now that I am here, I can try to give him the love that he needs.

Next, I should instil some common sense into this grandson of mine. I should broaden his horizon about the world that there are much more powerful beasts and human than him and I know the pride of the tiger in him would not let him take it easily. However, I got just the right technique to convince him. How? That’s pure simplicity. I will bribe him with food. Muhaha! I am such a good grandpa. I bet no grandpa would have thought of that.

I took out some human meat and allow him to feast on it. While having our lunch, I wonder how I should begin it with. My thoughts of my train is interrupted when the grandson of mine ask me a question while munching his food. “Grandpa, how is it that this human meat smells more fragrant and tastier than the previous human meat that I have tasted.” Rancer asked.

Ding! Ding! The lightbulb of my thought shine brightly and that where I can start with. I straighten up my backbone and make a slight cough indicating that I am giving an important message like an old and wise elder. With that, I started my narration about the cultivation world and the mundane world and of course any story will have to start with a history. After all history was what made the current us. Let’s begin with the history, shall we? I take it that you said yes.

It all happened a long time ago and no one can remember how far back it was dated back to. Who knows, maybe, billions, trillions years or more. It was at that time where the Great War 1 occurred. It was truly devastating and one hell of fight. Chaos and disorder were everywhere. Every species which included the mightiest dragons except for Gods were hiding and praying for the nightmare to end. The Gods’s devastating abilities and power had laid waste and until their salvation had arrived.
The one and last standing God end the war with him being the last true God left. God was truly sad about the effect of war had on the other species especially the humans. Being the weakest, many of the humans died in the war as victims and could not protect themselves. With God’s grace, God decided to bestow abilities and method of cultivation to the humans. The humans were thankful for now they had the abilities to protect themselves. However, that all soon change.

Greed and huge ambitions took over the humans. Fractions were formed which turned to kingdom and empire. Each kingdom was racing with each other expanding themselves and annexing each other. This has caused many beasts lost their home. God felt grief for the abuse of power of human and once again tries to balance out the things by giving cultivation manuals to he beasts as well. This had further cause chaos and finally, God devised a plan and created 585 separate planes. The first 512 planes are for the mortal, the next 64 for the immortal, later 8 for pseudo-god plane and finally the last plane for his new home.

God then created a set of rules to maintain the order and anyone who violated the will of heavens will be punishable by death with the disintegration of one’s soul. The most important change is that no one could travel from one mortal plane to another to protect the weak.

With that, years passed on with the rise and fall of genius, sects, kingdom and empire. With that, the history time is over. I am glad that my grandson was listening attentively.

Like any attentive student, he raised up his paw and asked the stupidest question,

“Grandpa, how do you know it is true.” I faceplamed myself and explain,” If you reached to peak and extreme level, you will know the truth of the world. Just maybe, God will grant you his audience.” I answer. “Okay, I got it,” he answer.

He just took the fact straight away, such an innocent kid. Oh yeah, speaking about the meat, the meat are from human cultivators. As you see, humans are bound to use chi pills to enhance the speed of cultivation and not all are able to be absorbed to the body. The remains will be stock up into the body with result in such fragrance and delicacies of the cultivator meats. The meats are the almost the best.

“Grandpa is planning to send you to an academy to study and cultivate” I said

“I am the mighty tiger and no tiger need to study and study is boring.” Rancer answers.

Hearing his answer, I try to tempt him with something and said, “Are you sure you don’t want?” I try to confirm with him.

“Yes.” Rancer says.

“That is sure a petty, I am quite sure that there are quite some beauty. Those tigresses will be some masterpiece and too bad you cannot get to taste them. Buhaha!” I laugh.

Hearing my words, Rancer’s ear twitches.

“OH, no, grandpa, you definitely hear it wrongly. I am quite eager to go actually just that I am too shy. Come let’s go. I am quite sure there are waiting for me.” Says Rancer while starting to get delusionised.

I then warned Rancer, “Granson, you should not get cocky as you are actually quite weak. Don’t say the guys, any pretty tigeresses can casually end your life in three stance. Quite dangerous for you to think you can tackle any of them.”

I then continue by giving a thumbs up for the thought and continued,” Even I used to think until to think like that until I met your grandma. She was definitely one of a kind and sure she was wild. What a bliss it was. Remember this grandson, never to have any mate more than one or all hell will break loose. Pity that friend of mind. Even I have to salute him, he has four or them. Imagine all these four jealousy driven creatures craving for his attention. His nightly session stretched all the way day and night. Sadly, after ten thousand years, he died as exhaustion caught up with him. Sigh! Just imagine shooting out your essence like nobody’s business. Luckily, in his dying years, he had compiled the legendary manual while trading his life with it. The manual was truly incredible. Even your grandma was truly satisfied and even want to…”

Phew! Luckily, I cut down the speech and who knows whether it will become a R-18 or higher. I took out the legendary manual and put it into an interspatial ring and gave to my grandson. I warned him to only use it when he found the chosen mate.

Rancer’s POV

The history lesson is interesting and then the mating thing, I partially understood it and from the look do grandpa’s face, it look like it is something that bring that much of joy. Later, grandpa tell me that I am only at 1 stripe and 1 star. The beast ranking is universal that each star has 10 stripes except for 8 stars. The higher he number of stars the stronger one is. If both of them have the same number of stars, the stripes will determine the power difference and of course, there will always be an exception.

Grandpa tells me that he will personally train me to at least 2 stars and 5 stripes before sending me to a sect. I feel sad for we may have to part after our encounter but grandpa reassures me that he will visit me at times. I am overjoyed and started our boot camp for my training and also for the first time someone besides is caring for me. Since, I am born different from my family, I have not much interaction for I am an abnormality. The only person that truly understand me is my mother despite my differences.

The only thing that gives me hope to continue this road of cultivation is obviously because of the cultivators’ meat and also because of another thing that Grandpa Dugo says. If someone becomes really strong, one can demand a wish from the God and that includes revival of the dead person.

<<  T.O.C >>

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